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    Low power shared storage on a budget?

    10Gbe via SFP or rj45, both are ok. I've got NICs, HBAs, RAM and a e3-1200v5 cpu (oh, and lot's of older gear..)
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    Low power shared storage on a budget?

    Hi all. I'm looking for a chassis or ideas for a low power NAS-chassis for truenas with the following specs; Redudant power supplies Internal 2x2,5" for boot drives Hotswap 3x2,5" SAS/SATA Hotswap 3x3,5" SAS/SATA PCIe slot for 10G or integrated PCIe slot for HBA or integrated Ideally DDR4 ECC...
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    Power efficient 2U NAS chassis?

    Hi, I'm looking for something to replace a Qnap TS-463XU-RP as a vm share storage nas. Required specs: Power usage same or less (somewhere around 30-40W idle without disks) 4x3,5" hotswap + 4x2,25" Redundant power supplies expansion for 10GE, HBA and one reserved vPRO/KVM It always seems to be...
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    Isilon X210 any useful?

    I recently received two Isilon X210's. My plan was to make one of them a TN server, but there are a few problems; Fan noise. Any ideas if these can be controlled via ipmitool? they are connected to a EMC sub-board that houses power distribution, fan logic, SAS-expander etc Power supply...
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    Firmware package for Samsung SM883/MZ7KH3T8HALS

    I recently received a bunch of 3.8TB samsung SSDs. They are at firmware HXM7304Q. I was wondering if there is a newer firmware for these? These *might* be with a $vendors$ own fw, but they report as samsung. I've found some mentions of HXM7904Q. Any idea where an updated package could be found...