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    Workstation build [Supermicro H12DSI-N6 + AMD EPYC 7453]

    Sorry for the delay. Please bear with me as I am noob. I am able to connect to IPMI and can login to the web interface. but I can't find any useful information. On the main dashboard it says: Even though CPU fan is running and I can see BMC light blinking. Also, when I look at Component info...
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    Workstation build [Supermicro H12DSI-N6 + AMD EPYC 7453]

    Hi, I am trying to build a workstation using H12DSI-N6 motherboard and single AMD EPYC 7453. I am currently stuck in my build and writing to see if community can please help me to complete the build. Following is my hardware: H12DSI-N6 Motherboard. AMD EPYC 7453 Processor in Socket...
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    SOLD: Supermicro SC745 server chassis case w/ 920W SQ Power Supply

    @Nemo128 Want to use this chassis with supermicro motherboard H12DSi-NT6. Can it be used with H12DSi-NT6?