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    Intel server case with 8 hot swap 3.5" bays for $200 with free US shipping

    Link to Electrical maintenance kit. Probably start negotiation $15-20 range. You can look at the pix of what is in the list in addition to the gpu power cables
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    Intel server case with 8 hot swap 3.5" bays for $200 with free US shipping

    Check the posts about the chassis & Intel S2600CP2 mobo by @jwegman in the mega thread on E5-2670 from 2016. KalleyOMalley / OEM XS used to carry these NIB. They may still have spare parts. With Intel boards you can set the sound profile and it is quiet. I have both P4xxxM & L chassis...
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    SM CSE 826 sweet deal

    @Markess @Fritz - you may want check this thread and links within. Basically, SM has few variations of PDBs for 21x, 82x, and 836 chassis. Housing, edge connector sizes (19 pair narrow vs 23 pair wide) and the length. They can be interchangeable and I have swapped the innerds of the PDBs...
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    Where to source a PDB-PT836-B4824 power distributor for a Supermicro CSE-836?

    See if the housing for the below is compatible with your chassis This has the PCIe power connectors in addition to EPS. 825/826/216/836 share many of the chassis components. PDBs being one of them with a caveat - The housing...
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    Where to source a PDB-PT836-B4824 power distributor for a Supermicro CSE-836?

    If all you need is 2 x 8 pin EPS connectors to power the CPUs, what you have should be good to go. I’m not familiar with SM PDBs that have 3 x 8 pin EPS.
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    [WTB][US-NY] OCuLink SFF-8611 Male to Male Cables

    You may want to try KalleyOMalley / OEM XS and start from 50% of the list price. Here is an example. Not sure if the following works for your use case. It has a mix of some right angle on one end.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I thought @fohdeesha doesn’t drink alcohol :)
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    PDB-PT825-8824 vs PDB-PT825-S8824

    Depending on where you are planning to run these PWS-741P-1R may be an alternative. They are relatively quiet and platinum rated. Ofc not quiet as SQ. If these servers are located near a living space, 741 may not be suitable. If you want to try with one to see, they are relatively...
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    PDB-PT825-8824 vs PDB-PT825-S8824

    Based on the chassis pix 825 housing will fit. It looks like a 19 pair/narrow edge connector and will be able to use 920SQ and it should be more than sufficient for most use cases.
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    PDB-PT825-8824 vs PDB-PT825-S8824

    Can you take a pic of the PDB area of your chassis and post it here?
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    PDB-PT825-8824 vs PDB-PT825-S8824

    216/219, 825, 826, 836 PDBs should be interchangeable. I think the housing may be slightly different even with the same model across chassis revisions. Look at the picture of your chassis and the one you are planning to get. In one case I’ve swapped the connector assembly from the new one to...
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    Need help with pfSense Site-Site OpenVPN configuration issue.

    Open VM tools were already installed in the pfSense VM. pfSense version is the stable 2.5.x on both sides. Reduced the MSSFIX to1300 . I've tried to troubleshoot on and off without resolution. Checked the config step by step on the Netgate forum / recipes as mentioned above. Tunnel is and...
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    Need help with pfSense Site-Site OpenVPN configuration issue.

    Thanks, I'll review the relevant ones to try and report back. Just for the grins, I added another NIC to the nappit VM in the WAN port group and did the initial snapshot over bypassing the pfSense / OpenVPN S2S. It worked fine. Now I need to get the same working via pfSense.
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    Need help with pfSense Site-Site OpenVPN configuration issue.

    @RTM - Thanks for the pointer. That did not resolve the issue. I disabled HW Checksum Offload and also changed in the virtual NICs to e1000 on the virtual instance. Still traffic is primarily oneway. Weird thing is it appears to let small packets into the Secondary. Ping to both...
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    Need help with pfSense Site-Site OpenVPN configuration issue.

    Background: I'm planning to put a small AIO box with 4 drives at an offisite at my daughter's place. I started configuring the unit at home with ESXi 6.7, VM for pfsense, napp-it VM and a small ubuntu VM for testing etc. Followed the steps on netgate's docs as well as other guides. Got it to...
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    SOLD: Supermicro SC745 server chassis case w/ 920W SQ Power Supply

    Great price! GLWS. I think what you have is the close (better) cousin of 743. It looks like 745. I think they are almost similar except the power supply configuration. 745 is capable of dual hot-swap power supplies and space for bigger MB.
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    Seeking Advice for Upgrading Home Server

    If you currently have ecc unbuffered DDR3 RAM, that should work with xeon E3-12xx V2. I believe the i3 support ecc unbuffered also.
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    Best server chassis for high volume storage

    You should also keep an eye on the listings /auctions for Netscout Infinistream Compellent ct-sc030 Quantum dxi Etc for SM 836 chassis
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    Internal and external SAS on the same card

    One option comes to my mind is Adaptec ASR-78165. While that is a SAS-2/6gbps card it is with 8643 & 8644 ports. Make sure small fan is actively cooling it. It has extra external ports that you may not use. They can be set to HBA mode. search the forums here there should be some threads on...
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    SuperMicro CSE-829U no backplane - what to get?

    Sas826A like this should work. But you will need 2 8i HBAs or 1 16i hba. Check the compatibility on SM site for that chassis just to make sure. It will support 6gbps drives. Just ignore the description that says 3gbps...