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  1. Terry Kennedy

    Does no one update firmware?

    End-user retail drives are a very small share of total drives shipped by a manufacturer. Most go into either OEM builds (Dell , HP, Lenovo, etc.) or directly to high-end integrator/user builds (AWS, Facebook, etc.) Every OEM / integrator wants some mods to the firmware. "Clipping" the capacity...
  2. Terry Kennedy

    Two APC SmartUPS SMT1500RM2U suddenly no longer accessible via web interface

    Can you FTP to the card? You can actually just "put" the AOS and application files (in that order, and the card reboots by itself after each): (0:30) host:/sysprog/terry# ftp Connected to 220 AP9631 Network Management Card AOS v7.0.8 FTP server ready. Name...
  3. Terry Kennedy

    Dell R740XD latch

    That usually means that the cover isn't on all the way. Your picture seems to show a gap between the chassis and the EMI gasket on the lid. Sometimes it is just sticky, sometimes one of the tabs that hold the cover to the case isn't lined up, and sometimes there's something inside the chassis...
  4. Terry Kennedy

    LSI Avago 9300-8i Firmware Bios update problems.

    These cards have embedded CPUs. If you erase the flash and reset the card, that's about the same as "No boot device found - press F1 to retry or F2 for setup" on a PC with the hard drive disconnected. And it is generally about as easy to recover from. The controller is sitting in a boot wait...
  5. Terry Kennedy

    Opinion needed, should I ditch my UPS or not?

    If they're that old they should have decent components and are probably adjustable. I have some SU3000RM2U units of that vintage still going strong. You'll need a multimeter to measure the voltage across the battery pack and a serial cable (USB-to-serial works fine, but you can't use the USB...
  6. Terry Kennedy

    Tips & Tricks for selling on eBay?

    I'm late in responding, but since I'm linking to 2 of my blog posts that are nearly 10 years old, that probably doesn't matter. :D A few words of advice for used equipment sellers A few more words of advice for used equipment sellers
  7. Terry Kennedy

    Opinion needed, should I ditch my UPS or not?

    There is an issue with the float voltage creeping up over time. Depending on the age of the unit it might have hand-picked resistors to set the voltage, a trimpot inside, or adjustable via hidden commands on the serial port. Do a web search for "apc float voltage adjust" for the specifics. My...
  8. Terry Kennedy

    Problems with a Dell TL4000 SAS tape library + LTO drives

    Sellers seem to like to hide that fact - if they showed a picture of the slot end of the tape drive, it would be obvious as the IBM drives have a 7-segment display and the non-IBM ones just have individual LEDs. :cool: The Quantum carousel also moves up and down. IBM could have had their...
  9. Terry Kennedy

    Problems with a Dell TL4000 SAS tape library + LTO drives

    For the drive generations other than the ones that only IBM manufactures, they most definitely do NOT use IBM drives. The HP LTO-4 drive I saw in a TS3200 sled was a Tandberg mechanism. Neither the IBM nor Dell library firmware knows what to do with this - it just flags it as "unknown drive" and...
  10. Terry Kennedy

    Problems with a Dell TL4000 SAS tape library + LTO drives

    I told you... I'm not sure which label you're referring to. The label that says something like "LTO 6 SAS" near the data connector? I have some library drives that are black and some that are white - white LTO-6 SAS, black L3 LVD, etc. Some generations of drives have a feature switch on the...
  11. Terry Kennedy

    "Auxiliary Hard-drive LED Connector" on PERC 6/i

    It will work either way. The 2 outermost pins are connected together as are the 2 innermost pins. Some Dell LED cables (for example, the U872G for the R410) have a "Creative Labs" latching type connector (like the audio on antique CD-ROM drives) which will only physically fit one way, because...
  12. Terry Kennedy

    FS N8560-32C 32x 100GbE Switch Review

    This is an excellent point which is quite important to my company. I have some older FS products where we received very different versions of firmware over a period of several months. When I asked about updating them all to the same version, I was eventually able to get the firmware files (yes...
  13. Terry Kennedy

    Small and cheap laptop recommendations

    The battery packs that came with those laptops are long past their prime. There are a number of places selling both 6- and 9-cell packs new. I'm almost positive that inside the pack is just a bunch of 18650 cells. One day I'll probably see if I can non-destructively take a dead pack apart and...
  14. Terry Kennedy

    H12SSL and Epyc can't handle the ram

    It is good to have sufficient spares to be able to rule things out. Some years ago I helped a friend with his 1st-generation Zen build and he cycled through several motherboards, CPUs and RAM until we got a combination that worked. It turned out that the early hardware compatibility lists and...
  15. Terry Kennedy

    Budget Wifi6 APs

    I wrote a rather scathing review of the WAX218 in July 2021. You can read it here.
  16. Terry Kennedy

    Introduction to datacenter networking

    The R&M web site has a version dated 2020 here:
  17. Terry Kennedy

    H12SSL and Epyc can't handle the ram

    I don't know if they still do this, but some older Supermicro boards (I'm familiar with the X8 series) routed some of the memory modules SDR SMBus to some of the expansion slots. This meant that if there was a conflict (Dell HBAs were particularly notorious for this*), certain memory slots would...
  18. Terry Kennedy

    WD 22TB CMR and 26TB SMR HDDs Deliver Small Incremental Capacity Jump

    We had the same thing when 512e drives came out - certain workloads exhibited abysmal performance due to non-aligned writes. We got somewhat better partition managers to ensure that partitions started on a native 4K boundary. And that was enough to make a majority of users happy (possibly...
  19. Terry Kennedy

    optical transceiver SFP+ issue

    If you're asking if you can plug that optic into a SFP+ slot on a switch, it depends on the switch. Many major brands (Cisco, Dell, HP) check for "magic footprints" in the pluggable optics, so the switch only works with optics from them, or some place that has figured out the brand-specific...
  20. Terry Kennedy

    M.2 10G/Multigig Ethernet Adapter Announced - Ideal NIC for TinyMiniMicro?

    That's interesting. Given that PCIe 4.0 extender ribbon cables are a thing, I wonder if a M.2 card that was just the card and a socket for an extender cable would work, connected via the extender cable to the actual 10GbE Ethernet transceiver which could be mounted elsewhere (like on a...