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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Has anyone upgraded (ICX 7xxx) to 09.0.10d yet?
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    OOS WD Gold Enterprise-Class 1.92 TB U.2 SSD - $88.99

    Lol, in stock on the Canadian site but for the low low price of $666.99 CDN
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    SMCI X9 Bifurcation I Why some boards but not all ?

    Found this thread when looking to see if my X9DRD-7LNF with BIOS 3.3 supported bifurcation before I rebooted it to install an AOC-SLG2-2M2 card. It does indeed support it with two E5-2650L v2 processors. One thing to keep in mind is that your CPU (for the most part) implements the PCIe...
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    Need Supermicro replacement parts, where to get for reasonable price

    I've had good luck with ATIC Computers for new/hard-to-find SM parts, or stuff that is over priced on eBay that you can get cheaper new (it pays to shop around). I have bought a lot of used SM gear as well, mostly from eBay. There are other Canadian e-tailors that sell SM as well, see Where to...
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    SuperMicro X9 E3 boards - December 31, 2020 BIOS bug

    Don't hold your breath. I reported an X10DRH-iT BIOS bug (latest) related to NIC enumeration back in August and just nagged them for an update recently only be told they can't fix it due to "design limitation" which I don't believe because the bug is just a missing DMI table entry as far as I...
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    Supermicro 836 Caddy has steady Blue LED

    If that one drive is a SAS drive, then you need to set the RLM (Ready Light/LED Meaning) setting on the drive. SATA does not support this, only SAS. See the video I inspired for @BLinux at for details.
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    Looking for ArubaOS MAS for Aruba S2500-24P

    Thank you BeTeP! I forgot that HPE allows download of that with an account but no entitlement like most of their firmware now. I have it now!
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    Looking for ArubaOS MAS for Aruba S2500-24P

    Can anyone point me to a copy of the latest ArubaOS ( for an Aruba S2500-24P? Reference: Aruba Support Portal
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    8TB Sun/hgst drive showing as 7.9TB (and not 8.0TB like others)

    This might be an issue with Freenas. I was able to use similar tools on a Proxmox 6.0 (Debian) box to fix the same disks. This was using an LSI SAS3008 HBA as well. Formatted to 512 byte sectors with: # sg_format --format --size=512 -v -e /dev/sg0 Size after format: # sg_readcap /dev/sg0 READ...