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    Arista Switch setup for Media Network, Help!

    Hi All, I have a network with two Linux file servers at the edge of an isolated media network. I just set this up but it's not working yet. I need to go over my design and I have a few questions. Each switch has 4 10Gig ports and 48 1 gig ports, they are three identical Arista switches. So I...
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    NTP server on different subnet help!

    Hey Guys, So I have a server setup with a address. The network has three vlans: Vlan 10 with Vlan 20 Vlan 30 All the servers connect to one "routing" layer 3 switch. Each port is segmented as untagged to be in the respective...
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    SMB direct or NFS

    Wazzz up guys!! So I have a linux server, an OPEN Drive to be exact and a iMac Pro with a 40GigE to thunderbolt 3 adapter. The Linux server is connected via 4x 40GigE lag (LACP) to an arista switch. And the iMac is connected to the switch via a single 40GigE link. So I'm probably gonna...
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    186Foot 10gig ethernet COPPER help!

    Hey guys, So we have a run that is about 186feet long with Cat 6a cabling. We are using dell switches with 10Base-T copper SFPs. So we have 10Gigabite SFP's copper, but the SFPs are rated at only 30meters. I know that cat 6a cabling can supper 10Gig at 300feet per the spec sheet, but I can't...
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    SED HDD in a Non SED Array

    Hey Guys, We are thinking of buying this Seagate 6 TB enterprise drive ST6000NM0285 for a cheap price of $150. I've read online that it will not work for SED in our systems, but I don't care about SED, I just want a cheap, fast 6TB Seagate SAS 12 (NEW). So this SED HDD will go in my RAID 6...
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    Could PowerSupply cause random drives to fail?

    Hey Guys, We have a big server with 48 spinning 8TB seagate enterprise hard drives. We installed this server about 3 months ago and things have been going smoothly. However, last week during a nightly defragmentation, two drives died at the same time. Let me first explain the setup of the...
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    vSAN ESXi, StarWind, or Dell EMC software solutions

    Hey Guys, I work for a server manufacturer and we specialize in the media and entertainment industry. We recently had a client ask for 900TB of storage and we have a solution for that but it's kind of ugly, so I'm looking at other alternative software's on the server side that would run on...
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    Hey Guys, I just got a call from a recruiter to be a NetApp SAN administrator. I've actually never used NetApp, however I am a SAN Administrator right now for a company called RAIDix. Anyone ever heard of it? I don't think so. But I have all the tools to be a SAN administrator. I did some...
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    Network Switch Question

    Hey Guys, I've got a 10GigE to 1Gig Ethernet switch, 2x 10GigE ports and 48 1 Gig E ports. Our network admin setup the switch to be Am I limited to only use 192.168.255.xx network for the client machines? I think theoretically that IP address is just used for managment...
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    To VLAN or not, Frustration!

    Hey guys, so great to have a forum where I can ask technical questions to lot so eyes. So I'm a SAN administrator, and we get the best performance when we manually load balance each of our ports on different networks. For example I have a server with 4 ports of 10GigE going into a switch. We...
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    Giant Pooled Drive Help! 800TB

    Hey guys, So I make SAN servers and one of our clients has asked for a 100TB SSD Cache volume that connects to 700TB of HDD storage. The good news is that our SAN software already has the tiering SSD cache code written, but it's not designed to write to multiple drives. For example, our...
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    MetaData Controller Build

    Hey Guys, What do you think would be a good hardware choice for a MetaData controller which controls 800TB of external storage via ATTO 16Gig Fiber cards and then goes out to a 40GigE switch. It doesn't really need a lot of RAM, but I'm not sure how many cores it will use to get the most...
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    Hey Guys, I'm just thinking about going for my CCNA certification. Do you guys have any advice for me before I start to study? I've only setup a single switch before, but I've watched a network guy setup a VLAN, MTU size, port enabling, IP settings, console set up, ssh remote in, etc. I've...
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    Workstation Build

    Hey Guys, I'm working on a high end workstation build (think $20,000ish) with on board storage. We are happy with the threadripper (TR4)CPU performance for rendering video, but not happy about only having 4 PCIe slots on the motherboard. So we aren't happy with the current "gaming"...
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    2.5" SAS HDD 7200rpm $210

    ST2000NX0273 Seagate 2TB 7.2K SAS-12GB/s 128MB 2.5" Enterprise HDD Original 763649044933 | eBay refurbished, propbably SMART data wiped, but good price for fast small HDD drives SAS enterprise quality.
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    Free BSD on Hyper-V

    You Guys get free BSD to work on Hyper-V? I've been trying but none of the downloads work for me. I have an intel processor running server 2016. Anytime I try to ingest the vhd file the vitrual machine will not boot.
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    Disable FC-82EN BIOS POST???

    Hi Guys, Is there anyway to make my ATTO FC-82EN HBA work like a normal PCIe card? (aka no pre-boot?) We have a hack-n-tosh, and our SAN server runs over Fiber Channel. Atto cards have been great with MACs and Windows machines, and I'm sure they Don't support hack-n-tosh with Clover...
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    PCIe Hot Swap or Interconnect Servers

    Hey Guys, We are thinking about using the PCIe networking solution from Dolphinics. Has anyone ever used it? We are either going to connect two servers together to share storage speed, or connect an external raid into the server using this PCIe bus. What are your guys' thoughts? myth PCIe...
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    SMART Health Failed

    Hi Guys, I really value this forum. Anyways, we use an Adaptec 81605zq controllers with 16x 6TB SAS 12 HDDs. Sometimes we get aborted commands because of a faulty SAS cables. We recently installed a server into a production environment and one of the drives gave the little yellow exclamation...
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    PM863 and SM863 experiences

    Hi guys, We are going to start selling SSD enterprise servers. In the past we used Micron Sata SSDs but I'm not happy with their write performance endurance. Does anyone here have real world experience with either the Samsung enterprise SSD SM863 or PM863? We are nervous to move forward with...