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    PCIe Gen 4 bifurcation risers and NVMe SSDs

    Thanks for the explanation nates
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    48 Drive 4U Chassis: IBM Slicestor 3448 aka Chenbro RM43348

    Thanks for the excellent writeup
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    SAS2 expander with SAS3 controller experiences

    There's a post on this board that will explain this better. I cant find it. I had the same problem with my h730. There is setting that need to be changed to get it to work with an expander. I had a h830 on hand so i use that with the expander. I couldnt get the fix to really work on the...
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    5.25" JBOD enclosure?

    It looks like they can be as simple as an empty chassis with a power supply. You dont want the actual duplicator board etc. Would just have to figure out how to connect it to computer. Usb, esata, sas.
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    5.25" JBOD enclosure?

    There are duplicator chassis/cases that are for dvd burner. Its much smaller than a computer one
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    Anyone tried Synology's new BTRFS capable NAS's?

    Synology's implementation of BTRFS is like TuxDude explanation. BTRFS on top of mdraid. Can detect error but not fix them
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    2.5" Toshiba 2 TB external Drive

    Thanks for the information P. I have been thinking about doing that