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    Upgrade 10G network and move away from CX4

    I am looking for a recommendation to replace my current switches which have CX4 and move to 10Gbase-T. Main reason is that I need to add a remote switch in a media closet and which will connect via Cat 6e. Second reason is that I want to retire my aged HP servers running VMs and SAN and get a...
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    ESXi 6.0 and Chelsio nic

    I got a couple of 10Gbe Chelsio S320E cards to connect a FreeNAS server to an ESXi 6.0 server. The card works will in FreeNAS, but ESXi 6.0 doesn’t recognize it. I suppose I should have seen that the cxgb3 driver is not on the compatibility list since 4.1. I can see the cards using lspci, but...