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    Supermicro 6028U-TRTP X10DRU-i Barebone $349

    Im actually working to try to resolve this issue. We got in a bunch of these systems with the signed firmware that cannot be upgraded. I will keep everyone posted. If somebody has figured out how to fix this issue I would be happy to compensate for the info.
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    FS/FT - SFBayZFS's 2020-2021 home storage lab liquidation

    Would you be able to sell me one of the BPN-SAS3-826SEL1-N4 backplanes?
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    Flash LSI 9265-8i to IT mode

    I had a question. Is there a way to take a LSI 9265-8i and remove the cache module and battery and flash it to IT mode so it behaves like a 9210-8i? I have run out of the 9210's but have a ton of 9265's. -Peter
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    Open Compute rack rails..

    We have a bunch of the Quanta 2 node open compute nodes. I saw that there is a company that sells rack mount solutions for these. Has anybody had experience with them? OCP Solutions - Racks | RackSolutions
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    Ebay - 1u Dual E5 2660 with 64gb 150$ obo

    We had gotten in some older ZT systems servers in the past (LGA1366) and they had Tyan branded motherboards in them. As far as the seller listing the item as freight...when you sell something on ebay you are obligated to ship it within the stated handling time or else you get dinged. This does...