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    TrueNAS. Proxmox, and recursion issue! Maybe??

    So here is my setup I have a single host v7.2-4. On it I have a single VM running TrueNAS Scale v22.02.2. The VM has a dedicated NIC passed in via PCI Passthrough and all drives passed via iscsi plus no config on the host for the nic or ports. The host has a separate NIC config'd with a...
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    Bonded 10gbe or single 56gbe

    I am planning to rework my cluster and networking. I currently have a (4) server Proxmox cluster and I am running multiple 1gbe and 10gbe flat subnets. I plan on using a virtualized TrueNAS VM to support iscsi targets and pxe booting VMs. All said my networking is the only concern I have. I...
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    Network routing issues

    All, I have three Proxmox/Debian multi-homed servers. They each has (1) 1GBE, (2) 10GBE, and (2) 40Gb Infiniband adapters. I have added (4) entries in the rt_table, 2 rt10G 3 rt10G02 4 rt40G01 5 rt40G02 I have set the routes in the /etc/network/interfaces for each...
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    Dumb Question Needs A Smart Answer

    I have some ConnectX-3 cards and I see that I can run either Infiniband or Ethernet. I also see a lot of different information on 40Gbit/S and 10Gbit/S confusion. Is Ethernet on these card 1/5 the speed of Infiniband? If the speeds are equal, why would I use Infiniband as it cannot be bridged...
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    I have to say I am very fond of this site and the YouTube channel. I was hoping to propose a suggestion. Many here have home labs that rival many small business data centers. I say this as I look across the room at my 32U rack, loaded to the gills. I would really love to see a recurring...
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    R820 / H310 "Adapter at Baseport is not responding"

    Update: Still no joy but now I think I am zeroing in on at least part of the problem. There is an issue the mpt3sas driver. I reflashed the card back to an LSI 9211-8i HBA with out boot roms. I installed Proxmox on my internal SD cards and was able to get Proxmox running and get to a shell...
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    R820 / H310 "Adapter at Baseport is not responding"

    I posted this on Dell's community as well but no responses as yet. So I think I have a serious problem that I need any help I can get. I don't know if the H310, the SAS cables, the enclosure, or the drives are bad. I will explain. I purchased a re-purposed R820 with an H310 and 10 1TB...
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    Retiring C6100, what replacement?

    I have a Dell C6100 that I am looking to retire out of my OpenStack home lab. I am looking at putting in a replacement and I am thinking a Dell R820 might be the goto for this, anyone have thoughts to share? The L5640's don't support AVX and the new software I need to run requires it + 2.4GHz...
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    C6100 Infiniband Mezzanine Card Help

    THANKS!!!! I could not find a specific part number for it and searched like crazy with out success. I now have them ordered
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    C6100 Infiniband Mezzanine Card Help

    I purchased (4) of the IB cards from a vendoe on EBay. They did not come with the riser card and the vendor will not take them back. I cannot find the riser card anywhere. Can anyone help me find (4) of them or a substitute?
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    IBM Bladecenter

    I currently have a C6100 and a 24-Bay Supermicro SAN. Loved them both but has anyone checked out the IBM Bladecenter chasis's? After doing a little searching, it would appear that you can get quite a lot of bang for the dollar with the Bladecenter. It appears that there are plenty of modules...
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    Ports vs Drives

    Hey everyone. I am confused. When looking at RAIS adapters I notice that there is a difference between the number of ports and the number of drives supported. Such as the following off of eBay: Adaptec 5405 RAID controller 4 internal port, low profile, PCI-Express (PCIe) Unified Serial...
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    Science Experiment

    Thanks for the info. I guess it is a typo as I want to create a two 12 disk raid sets out of the 24 disks. Granted that reserves four of the disks for parity, two in each set. so the total usable space will two 20TB sets for 40TBs total. Running RAID 60 allows for two drives to go bad before...
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    Science Experiment

    I was cruising eBay and saw a few items that caused me to ponder upon a bit of an experiment and I wanted to get input from the forum. The idea is to take an older raid storage array and modify it so that it is relatively up to date. I was originally looking at buying a Norco 24-Disk case...
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    Taming the C6100

    Outside the box idea Hey everyone. Just got my C6100 and love it, except for the noise. I have read all the posts here and I a question that is an out of the box idea. All these efforts are what I would call "high-tech" solutions. Trying to use the best technology to keep the box cool...
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    C6100 Mezzanine Slot

    Everyone, I was looking at a spec sheet on the C6100 and noticed that it said the mezzanine slot was a PCIe x8 slot. Is it a PCIe x8 slot? I realize the location is bad for a card but there are ribbon cables that would plug into an x8 slot and route around to the pins on an x8 card. Has...