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    WTB: Is anyone for hire tomorrow? I need someone to configure IPv6 and Wiregaurd on my OPNsense Firewall before the 24hrs of Daytona (SOLD)

    It should be as simple as setting the IPv6 Configuration Type on your WAN interface to DHCP6 and on your LAN interface to track the WAN interface. If that doesn't work try changing your DUID type. I'm using pfsense but you should be able to find something similar under system > advanced >...
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    Which ConnectX cards should I get?

    ESXi 8 dropped driver support for CX3/CX3 Pro cards. Future versions of ESXi will likely drop support for CX4 cards once nvidia drop support for CX4 (and it looks like they might do this soon), but don't quote me on this. If you're doing PCIe passthrough for those cards, then it's not an...
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    PM863 FW File

    My understanding is once it's hosed, a FW upgrade won't save it. You can trim and flash the dell GB57 firmware (refer back to first page) and report back with your findings. It's apparently a thing.
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    Inspur YZCA-00622-101 what is it and can it be used in PCI-E x4?

    Find something with a PLX chip that output 16 gen 3 lanes. You'll have to do software RAID for NVMe ssds afaik.
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    Inspur YZCA-00622-101 what is it and can it be used in PCI-E x4? You need PCIe x16 slots that can bifurcate into 4x4x4x4x. There's also PCIe retimer hardware on that board.
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    R86s Router

    Maybe the ConnectX 3 cards doesn't support linking at 1Gb/s. My CX354A refuses to negotate a link at 1Gb/s with SFP+ DACs.
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    ConnectX-4 VPI 100GbE NIC $149 obo

    Anyway, isn't it possible to flash these cards to PCIe 4? Of course the more pertaining pain point is nvidia is stating to eol these cards as pointed out by @i386
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    ConnectX-4 VPI 100GbE NIC $149 obo This one is still $135
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    Untrustworthy seller: [Ebay-US] New 18TB WD Ultrastar DC HC655 - $239.95/ea + free shipping

    Anyone asked how would he be shipping the drives?
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    Warning.. WD HC530 14Tb at too good to be true pricing the "E604" part of the model number simply means 512e drive with 6Gb/s SATA interface (E6), power disable 3 pin...
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    R86s Router

    Are you planning to try 10 Gig routing on pfsense/opnsense?
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    PM863 FW File

    Looking at the GB57 firmware file in hex editor, there seem to be just empty padding even if the header is trimmed to 1044480 bytes. There's still a remaining 80 bytes of empty padding before the actual meat begins.
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    PM863 FW File

    1048576 bytes doesn't work on the SM863, it popped an I/O error. I had to trim another 512 bytes (resulting in 1048064 bytes) for the fw flash to be successful. The stated firmware version in smartctl still didn't update though, so I'm not sure if the fw flash is even successful. o_O
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    Samsung PM983 3.84TB M.2 $225

    That's a crap shot. Hard pass.
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    ICX6610, 40Gb, 100Gb, LC - LC

    Eh btw anything older than a ConnectX4 won't have driver support on ESXi 8, so just a heads up in case you use ESXi.
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    Has anyone else "downgraded" from QSFP+ (40GbE) to SFP+ (10GbE) gear? And if so, why? $23 each, but not what I'll call sensible use of money either since converting both ports will basically bring the cost to ~$81(23+23+35). Might as buy a new NIC that's supported in ESXi 8. Nope, sorry.
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    Has anyone else "downgraded" from QSFP+ (40GbE) to SFP+ (10GbE) gear? And if so, why?

    iirc ConnextX-3 Pro cards support RoCE v2, but it's worth noting the mlx4 driver stack is not present in ESXi 8, so no more driver support for cards older than ConnectX-4. These cards are really on their last legs (~3 years left) if you're still rolling with ESXi.
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    [JP] Freebies: copper NICs and others

    Calm down there's only 1 X550 :)
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    AMD EPYC 7302p+ Supermicro H11SSL-i version 2

    I would suspect it's just the seller's stamp to identify the CPU as his product in the event it's returned back to him for swaps/refund.
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    EXPIRED Intel X550-T2 for $60

    At least the first dude left 1 for the next guy. If he wiped it out it's gone in 3.