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    US - FS: SUPERMICRO SYS-5018A-FTN4 1U Rackmount Server - Atom C2758 + 32GB Ram | Tp Link T1700G-28TQ - 4 SFP+ and 24 1gig RJ45 managed fanless

    My bad, consolidated here. The other thread can be deleted. Looks like I have no permission to do that myself
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    US - FS: SUPERMICRO SYS-5018A-FTN4 1U Rackmount Server - Atom C2758 + 32GB Ram | Tp Link T1700G-28TQ - 4 SFP+ and 24 1gig RJ45 managed fanless

    5018A-FTN4 | 1U | SuperServers | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. Comes with 32g (4x8gb) memory installed. It has 4 MEM-DR380L-HL02-ES16 bought directly from the supermicro eStore. Rackmount ears included Comes with a pci-e riser card and one pci-e slot. Owned since 2017, case has some...
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    US - FS: Tp Link T1700G-28TQ - 4 SFP+ and 24 1gig RJ45 managed switch - fanless

    I'm selling my Tp link switch as I no longer use rackmount gear. It's been in service for a few years, has some scratches on the case but in perfect working order. Comes with rackmount ears. $120 shipped anywhere in the continental USA.
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    Strange motherboard POST issue when disconnecting the power

    Indeed thats what it was, just replace the battery and the issue is gone
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    Strange motherboard POST issue when disconnecting the power

    Hey everyone. I've got a Supermicro MBD-C9Z390-CGW-O. It's a desktop class motherboard. I have a really strange issue with it. When the system runs, everything is perfectly stable. However if I disconnect the power, the machine has trouble booting. After disconnecting the power, I turn it...
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    I setup my Ruckus R310 today. I really appreciate that configuring this device is just a barebones dead simple web UI you can login to. For home use I couldn't ask for more. I really hate the Unifi controller software you have to install for ubiquiti.
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    Does anyone know the required wattage to power the Ruckus R310? I am trying to findout what power specification I need for a POE injector to power it.
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    SuperMicro fans won't stop revving

    I have an Supermicro X11SAT-F motherboard with a Noctua CPU cooler. My fans were constantly reving up and down and it was loud and annoying. Running ipmitool to view the sensors showed the problem, the FAN1 was running at 300RPM ipmitool -H HOSTNAME -I lanplus -U ADMIN sensor FAN1...
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    Supermicro 846 chassis

    I did this a few years ago and never looked back. Unless you really have ridiculous storage needs, the 743 with 8 drive bays is the way to go with today's disk capacities. It sits right in my living room and nobody knows it's there. You can also buy and install one of those 5 in 3 drive bays...
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    I just picked up a QNAP QSW-308-1C to add 10G connectivity to my home theater setup. Great little switch if you don't need managed. With this chain: * FreeBSD 12 (iperf -s -w 512k -P 4) * Supermicro / Intel 10g onboard SFP+ adapter * fiberstore DAC cable * TP-Link T1700-28G * fiberstore Cisco...
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    Cannot get Supermicro X10SDV-f to boot to USB SOLVED

    For future reference to others, I also struggled with this on my X11sat-f motherboard. I created a dos usb but it kept getting stuck at a black screen when booting. Turns out you not only have to change the Boot mode to Legacy or Dual, but also make sure you change the option rom of your video...
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    If you have the TP-Link T1700G-28TQ switch...

    System Time: 2019-01-30 19:15:52 Running Time: 66 day - 1 hour - 23 min - 38 sec Device Info Unit ID 1 2 3 4 5 6 Unit State Ready Hardware Version T1700G-28TQRev1 Firmware Version 1.0.3 Build 20160601 Rel.52662(s)...
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    Do Iron Wolfs Have a Bad Rep?

    I've been using 8 10TB Iron Wolf's in a ZFS raidz2 for over 2 years now with no issue. I wouldn't call them loud either. My whole rack sits in my living room and I never heard the drives make a sound. I think seagate in general gets a bad rap. I've always used them at home and never had...
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    Server Cable Management (SM and others)

    I just use lots of velcro ties to bind the cables together into one thick rope of cable. I make it just long enough that I can slide the box all the way out on the rails for maintenance. The end of the rope is bound to the rack with more velcro ties, keeping the length fixed. My half height...
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    Thunderbolt 3 to SPF+ Options

    So I went and bought the Akitio Thunderbolt3 dock. It works with my KVM and multiple screens using Displayport MST. Unlike my old OWC dock, it charges my HP Spectre x360 laptop over thunderbolt. I had an issue (only needed to update laptop bios) and their support was super quick in answering...
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    Thunderbolt 3 to SPF+ Options

    This solution looks very compelling: Thunder3 Dock Pro - Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station with 10GbE | AKiTiO It's new. Has anyone tried it?
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    Server rack rails too expensive. What is poor-man's diy options?

    I used this when I had a Norco a long time ago. The chassis was too wide and the rack too thin that it was impossible to use rails. This held up just fine 10 3.5 hhd's inside. 4 Post Adjustable Rack Rails
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    What VM host do you use for FreeBSD guest?

    Ubuntu server actually looks pretty compelling. They offer first class zfs support in their package manager and lxd (for containers) is integrated with it. That might be worthy of trying zfs on linux. The idea of attempting to import my zpool from freebsd to linux is terrifying though.. Also...
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    What VM host do you use for FreeBSD guest?

    What is the advantage of using ESXi or a platform like that over Linux / KVM? I don't care about clickable guis and webapps. I'd rather just be able to ssh in, edit a config file, and run a command to do administration. I'm imagining the new regime where pretty much all services are linux...
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    What VM host do you use for FreeBSD guest?

    Hi everyone, I've been running FreeBSD (currently 11.1) / ZFS on baremetal for nearly 10 years at home. I just upgraded the machine to a new Supermicro Xeon Scalable platform. I am now considering running something else on the host and run FreeBSD within a VM, along with other linux vms...