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    EU [EU-PT] FS: Cisco C3850-12s

    Cisco ISR 4431 SOLD
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    EU [FS] new 2U 4 node X10 supermicro server (Helsinki, Hetzner)

    Hi, So this just needs cpu's, memory and hdd ? Thanks
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    HP Microserver Gen10 Plus firmware update

    Sorry for being missing the last days. Thanks, @RolloZ170 and @axavio. I've found this video, it gives some overview of all of this Also look into USB Key Creator Utility, I don't do Windows, so I'm still blocked. Will keep investigating and will update as soon as get a breakthrough.
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    HP Microserver Gen10 Plus firmware update

    Hi, Need a little help trying to update the firmware, following the update to Intelligent Provisioning 3.70 it seems to be "mandatory" to register with HPE to get a user token (text file) which must be present in USB flash drive attached to the server. The help system states it's possible to...
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    learning networking

    Try online courses like this Networking Online Courses | Coursera Also Cisco has a tool (quite old) that helps simulate network setups (Cisco Packet Tracer).
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    Desktop UPS

    Have you check your electric installation, specially if the ground wires are well bolted ? With time they tend to get loose. Your average lifetime for UPS is really low. I have HP T1500 XR UPS wick is over 10 year old, only really need to replace batteries and dust off the thing. For me APC...
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    EU [EU-PT] FS: Cisco C3850-12s

    Hi, I'm selling a two Cisco equipments: - ISR 4431, very good condition with original box 2200€ - SOLD - Catalyst 3850-12s, very good condition with original box 1500€ Shipping from Portugal. Accepting PayPal or SEPA transfer, selling as a private seller. Thanks