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    Project TinyMiniMicro system for 100 Gbps networking

    tinyminimicro typically dont have any PCIe slots. Just M.2. But there is for example HP Z2 G9 Mini which has one x8 slot.
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    X9SRL-F POSTs only via BIOS recovery process

    yes I bought new chip with preloaded bios I needed from ebay, and after replacing, motherboard started booting again.
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    esxi 8.x ???

    I dont understand if everything in this file will not not be detected, or just mellanox and FC stuff mentioned in article and rest is just deprecated. But I see there sata controllers from chipsets for socket 2011-3 and older, many older intel network cards etc...
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    esxi 8.x ??? I googled this chinese site which contains link to beta build downloadable from Baidu, but sadly I dont have account there
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    Cheap Intel Pentium N6005 4x 2.5GbE Fanless Firewall and Router Review

    Hi, does it accept 64GB of RAM and does it run ESXi?
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    RECOMMENDATION PLEASE: RAID Controller - 6Gb/s or 12Gb/s SAS

    18TB disks reach to 280MB/s sequentially, random might be around 200IOPS I think. Raid 5/6 impacts write performance. With 4disk raid5 you can get random write performance lower than wih single drive. Also for safety reason, raid card has tendency to disable HDD internal cache, unless it has...
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    RECOMMENDATION PLEASE: RAID Controller - 6Gb/s or 12Gb/s SAS

    there is a thread on this forum listing all sorts of OEM and Retail LSI chip based cards. I sugest SAS3 with SAS3108 chip, like 9361-8i or OEM version if you can find for a good price. Older SAS2 might be just..too old. Newer cards with NVME support like 9460 or even 9560 seem to still cost a...
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    Xeon E5-2600 v4 Broadwell Still Relevant in 2022?

    Xeon E5 platform sound like overkill for dedicated firewall with 1Gb uplink. But if you dont mind higher power usage (around 80W idle), go for it. On the more modern parts, core i3-12100 offers great performance for 4c8t part, but currently server motherboards arent available yet. And also AMD...
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    Which ESXi version is recommended for Xeon E3-1265L v2 CPU?

    Both 6.7 and 7.0 are supported on Ivy bridge, but 7.0 has bigger system storage requirements, I think officially its 32GB minimum, unofficially it might fit to smaller drive. 6.7 reaches EOL in several months. So for new installation I suggest 7.0, BUT check if it has driver for your storage...
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    EXPIRED Seagate Exos 16TB Recertified Hard Drive at $234.99

    Last week I ordered two 18TB Toshibas for 236EUR/piece without VAT. So I hope they will be ok, because last 8 years I was shucking WD drives, but even those are more expensive than enterprise Toshibas now. Can you imagine how much money Synology makes on reselling them for like double the...
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    Supermicro X9SCM-F and I3-2120

    Hi, X9SCM will not take i5 and i7.Your i3 should be fine. But you also need ECC UDIMM memory. non-ecc or RDIMM wont work.
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    windows 2022 server can't access omnios smb share

    is it authentication issue (meaning it wont accept username/password) or some other issue? do you see anything in windows event viewer regarding that or anything in omnios log?
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    Intel Optane DC P5800X 800GB Workstation SSD Review

    Based on what is on screenshots, you booted system from the drive and then ran benchmarks on it. Normally benchmarks should be done on non-system drive, because Windows constantly access system drive which affects results.
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    Oracle Cloud Giving Away Ampere Arm A1 Instances Always Free

    I can create instance too, but it doesnt say always free. While with x86 instance, it does say always free. check the image: Found somewhere in documentation that these ARM VMs have to be deleted and created again every 30 days to remain free.
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    Oracle Cloud Giving Away Ampere Arm A1 Instances Always Free

    Sooo, did anyone try to create those arm always free instances? When I create one, it doesnt say always free. When I create AMD VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro it does say always free. Region EU-FRANKFURT-1-AD-3
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    Synology branded HDDs HAT5300

    I just received email from Synology saying they are launching their own line of hard drives. are these some white labels from WD/Seagate/Toshiba? Cant find any pricing yet but guess they will be expensive.
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    EU DONE .... WTB: Xeon x3400 and DDR3 1066/1333Mhz UDIMM

    What I meant is this: on LGA1156 Xeon 3400, if you want to utilize 8GB modules, you have to use quad rank ECC RDIMM. 4GB modules can be ECC UDIMM. BUT, I checked T110 manual and it seems that it doesnt support 8GB modules at all, so you need 4GB ECC UDIMMs...
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    EU DONE .... WTB: Xeon x3400 and DDR3 1066/1333Mhz UDIMM

    Careful with 8GB modules with LGA1156, you need quad ranked RDIMMs.
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    HP ProDesk 600 G4 Mini Review and Guide

    This might feel like hijacking a thread, but did you see new g6 offerings? Elitedesk 805 g6 comes with Ryzen 4000 APUs and has optional dedicated Geforce 1660Ti. Wondering if APU could be replaced with ryzen 5000 CPU, ideally lower power models after they are available.
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    Won HP ProDesk 400 G4 on auction.

    Elitedesks also are supposed to have remote console access via intel AMT. prodesks dont have that, although 600-line have AMT without console.