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    Deals on soundproof rack enclosures for home setting?

    In the military i worked with some equipment using the cases and transported on the back of trucks with bed height's of >1m. so like you said "often enough"
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    Deals on soundproof rack enclosures for home setting?

    They are amazing for keeping gear safe seen a few dropped from 5+ ft with minor damage(scuffs, scratches, dings, ect) to outside and no damage to the 100+ LBS of hardware inside. Biggest issue i have had with them is at times they can seem to make noise worse, so definitely not what you want...
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    Where is your switch?

    Alternative option to remove the panels. Remove the screw/bolt on back of each of the locks 0dd
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    D-1540 or E5v3 - Torn and need more info for usecase

    I can confirm that Nvidia cards and pass though do not like each other, a few of the Virtualization systems (kvm and xen) now have patches to help this but expect to spend some time getting them to run on it. The error commonly seen using virtualization and Nvidia is error 43. Hope this can...
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    Cable management - leave slack for re-termination or adjustments?

    my personal preference is that structured wiring (between patch panels and jacks) should have slack hidden somewhere near each end. wire in the racks should be as short as reason and cleanliness allow. This is due to the time/costs required to fix wiring. leaving slack in structured wiring...
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    Anybody use a server board in a workstation?

    That is almost the exact way i located the screw holes, but my case had a removable mobo tray that made it a a bit easier. If you look at your motherboard tray you will usually see inserts for the threads used for stand-offs, Without the inserts most of the time you have just a few threads...
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    Anybody use a server board in a workstation?

    for my case the board physicly fit but the holes did not line up. which is why i used a drillbit and rivnuts to add the additional stand-offs..
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    Anybody use a server board in a workstation?

    I did this about a year ago with a supermicro dual processor board in a cooler master Cosmos case, i had a minor problem with having standoffs missing in the locations i needed them. I ended up using rivnuts (rivets with threaded inserts) to add additional stand-offs. Other then that minor...
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    UBNT experts?

    From what i can recall after having worked with the UBNT over a year ago. there was a transparent bridge mode/bridge option that needed to be enabled so that traffic would pass from access point <-> network cable <-> access point Hope this will help out some. 0dd
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    Narrow ILM watercooling?

    EK makes one intended for use with servers EK-Annihilator – EK Webshop
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    Samsung DDR4-2133 16GB - $154

    T_Minus - I have had good luck with Provantage. from my experience the qty on the website is usually upto date. from what i remember the box was labelled as Provantage. I can only think of 1 time out of the 6-8 times it did not ship direct and or quickly, and they did it to save the tax on the...
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    Samsung DDR4-2133 16GB - $154

    My experience with them was somewhat lacking my order of 2 cpu's, motherboard and memory took forever for them to process it and found out over a week later that the cpu's where back ordered/unavailable at that time i ordered them from Provantage, and received the cpu's several days before...
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    Thoughts on WD VelociRaptor?

    At the place i recently started work at they have been using 500gb VR drives for storage for a roughly 20 node cluster using GlusterFS and from what i have seen it works well. One of the other guys says they have had good luck with the drives, only 4-5 failures in almost 2 years out of about 100
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    Crucial M500's on sale - 2.5" and mSATA

    FMA1394 thanks for posting that white paper in all the time i have seen power loss prevention talked about with SSD's i never fully understood it, now it finaly clicked.