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    HP drive cage backplane power adapter

    I am considering using a Proliant drive cage (like 683061-001 for DL160) in non-HP case. Is there an adapter available to connect HP cage power to common power connector (molex, SATA etc)?
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    Low Profile/Full Height Bracket

    Are they universal for RAID cards (minus those with external ports)? Or at least universal within the same brand (Adaptec 5/6/7/8 series)? 54mm spacing seems to be the norm Thinking about getting x10, but > $5 each seems a lot for a simple bracket...
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    portable 10GE adapter for laptop?

    usb 3.0/ USB-C port, something in similar factor of USB 1GE adapters? I only saw some big bricks doing 10GE... Why is it so big? It doesn't have to do 10GE linerate, >4Gbps is good enough
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    hard drive only enclosure

    I am looking for a case with 8+ hot-swappable 3.5'' bays. I need it to be cheap, quiet and small. The case only houses SATA drives and standard-sized ATX power supply, midplane is optional. RAID card in another server has SFF-8087/8088. It does NOT need to be rack-mountable. Plenty of storage...
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    white label (WD) HDD

    I came across some white label HDD like WL2000GBS, WL2000GSA6472. They are probably WD disks. Anyone can share experience with them?