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    vmware7u3d: moved my setup to a new board and I somehow lost SR-IOV on my Emulex card (HP NC552sfp)

    some info: both boards are Xeon V1/2 capable I've checked the NIC "BIOS" setup several times and I've enabled SR-IOV there I am running 7u3d on the new board I am running &u3c on the old board in Hardware => PCI devices, both ports are listed as disabled. I am trying to enable it but all I get...
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    so I upgraded the firm on my Emulex OCE11xxxx (branded as HP NC552SFP) and the PC won't boot unless I disable option ROM (in motherboard BIOS)

    I did a search and I didn't come across any issues similar to mine. Can you share the search keywords you used? Thanks
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    so I upgraded the firm on my Emulex OCE11xxxx (branded as HP NC552SFP) and the PC won't boot unless I disable option ROM (in motherboard BIOS)

    As above. It hangs on the message "initialization done". Before I flashed it, the card will try to "initialize" the 2 ports after displaying "initialization done" message. Once I disable "Option ROM" in the BIOS, the PC will boot to windows and windows have no problems loading the drivers (at...
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    Transceiver compatibility - what should I be looking for?

    I was looking at and they have multiple "versions" of a transceiver depending on the manufacturer. An example would be this product: Cisco SFP-10G-SR Compatible 10GBASE-SR SFP+ Transceiver Module - FS Is this purely marketing? What should I be looking for when looking for compatible...
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    IBM branded EMULEX OCE11102 - Can I flash HP firmware?

    as above. Thanks
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    Beware - Emulex 10GbE Virtual Fabric Adapter II x8 PCI-E slot

    what windows 10/11 drivers are you guys using? thanks
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    question please: I was given an IBM Emulex OCE11102 (work surplus) but it comes with transceivers...

    some info: - card is this: IBM 95Y3766 (IBM 95Y3766 Emulex Dual Port 10GbE SFP+ Virtual Fabric Adapter) - transceiver is this: QLogic FTLX8571D3BCL-QL (QLogic brand) ( Qlogic FTLX8571D3BCL-QL 10Gb 850nm SW SFP+ Optical Transceiver : Electronics) Thanks for the reply...
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    cannot flash HP sas2308 to IT mode

    sas2flash.efi (.exe as I tried FreeDOS as well) -f my-firmware-here.rom
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    cannot flash HP sas2308 to IT mode

    FIXED: I fixed my problem by flashing 9205-8e firmware... --------- as above. I am using P14 sas2flash with P20 firmware and this is what I get. I had another HP 22x in the past and never had this problem. any ideas on how to fix? I have already erased my card and most guides says not to...
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    Connecting a SAS card directly to the Supermicro riser slot

    As above. So I found a good deal on a Supermicro 1u/2u board (Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Aplus Products | Motherboards | H8DGU-F). According to the manual the riser slot is PCIe 16x (+8x slot). I'll be using the board in your everyday case that can support EATX boards. I'm hoping...
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    Asus Z9PR-D12 + E5-2651 V2 - has anyone tried this combo? (or used it on any board)

    As above. The CPU is not listed in the supported CPU and is not listed on Intel's site. Thanks!
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    To those with supermicro EEATX board, question on case compatibility

    I understand than but the extra width would have to come from either above or below the back ports. Right?
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    WiFi connetion for ESXi 6.x/7.x

    Are the wifi drivers built-in or I need to customize the iso? Thank you
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    WiFi connetion for ESXi 6.x/7.x

    Can be using the wifi card directly or using the wifi Ethernet dongle link? Thanks
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    WiFi connetion for ESXi 6.x/7.x

    as above. due to cabling constraints, my server can only connect to the internet via WiFi (currently an Intel 8260AC). - Can I use my current setup to setup ESXi 6.x/7.x (not the workstation edition) - OR maybe I need something like this? (DAP‑1522 - Xtreme N Duo Wireless N Access Point) I'll...
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    To those with supermicro EEATX board, question on case compatibility

    I am thinking of getting this one (X9DRi-LN4F+ 13.6in by 13in) and I'm worried that the back ports would not align with the back hole. Looking at pics, it's almost like the back ports are in the middle. Is the extra width above or below the back ports? Thanks!
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    Anybody using the Intel S2600 with the additional 8x SATA/SAS ports?

    Can I use SAS drives on these ports? What kind of cable can I use with these ports? I have never seen a SAS connector that looks like a SATA port. Thanks
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    Is it advantageous to use zfs send/receive in this situation (source and destination are all within the same host/PC)?

    TLDR: I need to destroy and recreate my pool. I'm wondering what advantages is available to me when using zfs send/receive vs good old rsync. I've search the net but cannot find the answer. This is with the assumption zfs send/receive is available to me. I need to recreate my pool as I've made...