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    Quanta LB4M 48-Port Gigabit Switch Discussion

    There is no manual! :) The supposed LB4M pdf manual that's floating around doesn't really relate to the LB4Ms and associated firmware on eBay. The commands, features, and syntax are all different. So far I've been able to get the LB4M to do what I want with a few quirks along the way.
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    Shipping unusual package shapes

    Yeah, it doesn't have to be perfectly box-shaped. For really oddly shaped packages I think there can be surcharges, but that won't apply to a bundle of rails. When ordering individual car tires online for example they usually just slap a UPS shipping label on the outside of the tire and send it...
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    Dell C6100

    Hey Kevin, I have several C6100s (XS23-TY3, latest BIOS and BMC fw) in a nearby colo but I have all nodes set to power ON upon power being restored. I haven't tested any other BIOS power-state options. I have run into a weird bug though... I had all nodes OFF (manually turned off using the rear...
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    Quanta LB4M 48-Port Gigabit Switch Discussion

    Yeah, the LB4M is a frustrating piece of kit, but for the price I can't complain much. VLAN membership is configured in interface config mode on this switch, you can't assign ports to them in vlan config mode like you can on some other switches. I also don't think there is any way to bulk-assign...
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    Shipping unusual package shapes

    You could use round or triangle shipping tube-style boxes (free from USPS for priority mail), but for something like rails which are pretty sturdy I'd probably just wrap them in a few sheets of 1/8" foam sheeting and packing tape and then slice up some existing boxes into long strips and wrap...
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    Debugging Intel dual gigabit NIC I340-T2 - CentOS

    I think those first two NICs are actually the dedicated Intel NIC based on the MAC addresses (00:1b:21) and the ones that show an init error are the on-board Intel NICs with Supermicro MACs (00:25:90). That error is likely just indicating that the firmware update utility isn't compatible with...
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    Recommended UPS for Home Server(s)?

    That's a firmware issue if the board does not power back on after physically cycling power (regardless of the previous power state of the board) while that option is set to "Power On". Have you tested it a few times? Maybe a low-level feature like that requires at least one full power cycle...
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    Quanta LB4M 48-Port Gigabit Switch Discussion

    No, it will run fine with either PSU connected. One of the status LEDs on the front will change to orange instead of green though and you will be able to see that one PSU is inactive via CLI/SNMP.