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    Rack chassic for "tower like" eATX motherboard

    Good time of day, I'm thinking about buying AMD Epyc 7551P and GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 (or supermicro H11SSL-i), but the problem is that I just can't find rack chassic for it. Since it's more "tower-like" motherboard - i can't find a way to include riser, so I need some kind of 2U or 3U chassic to...
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    Is ESXi 7.0 still working with Nvidia Grid K2 ?

    If i remember my test correctly - sadly, but no. Even installing 6.7U3 from scratch will lead to problem with xorg service, so you first need to install 6.5, setup everything and then update to 6.7u3. I.e. 7.0 will not work no matter what, nor upgrading from 6.5 will work, nor from 6.7
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    Bios dump for Asus Strix X470-F GAMING

    Good time of day When I was updating my bios my PC shutdowned and bios was corrupted. So after a bit of brainstorm I have choosed to try to flash bios once again, but i met one problem. When i unpacked image from official site (from CAP) i got file with size 32770 KB, while size of bios chip...
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    PSA: Vmware ESXi 7.0 does not like consumer NVMe drives

    Kingston 1000 GB SA2000M8/1000G is working with 7.0
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    Is ESXi 7.0 still working with Nvidia Grid K2 ?

    It's working on ESXi 6.7 if you update from 6.5 after installing driver. Were you using vDGA (not shared mode) or vSGA (shared mode) with ESXi 7.0? Because i can't start up xorg server in 7.0