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    pfsense behind another pfsense

    why not plug the WAN link from the ISP into a vlan capable switch. setup DHCP on PFS#1 and then plug PFS#2 into the same vlan? PFS#2 would be given a dhcp lease by PFS#1, in the future you only need to change vlan assignment to remove NAT from the equation. We do this in our Colo with great...
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    WTB - 1U pfsense box (supermicro?)

    FWIW, you may consider a Lanner, Inc. FW-7571A (C2358 Dual Core 6x 1Gb/s intel controled with marvel physical ports) for <$500.00USD new. I used to use a Supermicro SC505-203B chassis and A1SAi-2750F system board, having had my Lanner FW-7571 for just over eight months now I would consider it...