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    "Taming" home network for kids by experts for experts

    Bumping an old post. It's been nearly 3.5 years from the last update on this. Where do you guys stand now? I actually came across this post when doing a google search for "pfsense opnsense parental controls" It looks like the suggestion earlier in this was Sensei which looks to have...
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    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    Its fun looking back at old threads like this as ram prices drop like a rock
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    IBM U.2 flash core module 19.2tb $905

    ha, great to see this thread. Yeah I had to bite on one a few weeks ago and its exactly as @redeamon says. pretty cool looking to see 40TB but no go on any real usage, and super hot. some boards show it as 4x NVMe drives, really odd stuff
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    E5-2696 v4 (22 cores) under $200

    Not sure, but if I had a guess that is correct. The core market for the X99 chipset wasn't server CPU's that was just a nice bonus (like the even older x79) but the X299 dropped that sadly and pushed the limited selection of CPUS.
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    E5-2696 v4 (22 cores) under $200

    If sticking with this generation, the Asus X99 stuff is about as good as you can get, I can confirm the X99_WS IPMI works fine with this cpu. not to self promote(sold 100+ ) but you can find them on ebay in the ~$200 range, high compared to the Chinese x99 but much higher quality.,
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    8TB Ruler format SSD - P4500- listed at $900

    You confused me for a minute by saying 7200 PBW as wow that would be amazing, I am thinking you wanted TBW / as its only 7.2PBW
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    8TB Ruler format SSD - P4500- listed at $900

    Hmmmm on a drive that large 8PB isn't that good of endurance, like a half drive write per day? Intel p3600 1.2TB drives have nearly the same endurance and are much smaller drives.
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    32c/64t Epyc 7551P $376

    Watch out on that board, once updated to newest firmware they don't play nice with naples / 7001 cpus.
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    I guess...this is a "great deal". Only $5M. Any takers? :)

    It looks like the 300k one is lacking all the juicy stuff (ram/cpus)
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    Xeon E-2176G w/ two different Supermicro boards

    Are you sure about that? just because they don't list 9th gen on the site doesn't mean it won't work, for example the difference from Xeon E 21xx and 22xx is very minor, a typical Intel stunt of bumping clock per model number but no major gut's changes. T_Minus, I will double check ECC...
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    Xeon E-2176G w/ two different Supermicro boards

    to be honest if this is a home server based on the ITX board I would just use the i3-9100f as they are nice and cheap right now and have a good per core speed.
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    Xeon E-2176G w/ two different Supermicro boards

    Considering the feedback and 20+ year ebay account I would think there is little to worry about (but I a guess I am biased as its my acution :) ), as far as why? Well we bought 50ish of those as they were the only options for Xeon E's in the early days, we later moved on to ASrock boards and...
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    32GB PC3-14900 DDR3 LRDIMM 4x @ $150 of better

    Man the talk of ram drives made me think back to this old setup, Been sitting in a parts pile for atleast 5 years, blew my mind that the battery had a charge when I plugged it in. Pitty this tech didn't advance more, imagine this as NVMe / pci-e connected. Basically has a CF drive and...
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    128GB Intel Optane Memory sold as DDR4 ECC

    No, that board is like all the consumer / desktop boards that use the M.2 Optane's as cache for spinning disks / other storage cache. What is talked about above is a new setup that uses optane DIMM's as memory, so 2+TB of memory is possible (not quite as fast as real ddr4 but is kind of neat).
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    FS: Asus X99-WS w/ IPMI nice workstation 2011-3 boards

    I don't think these fully utilize ECC, I will see if I can test this. These have dual onboard Intel NIC's I will get a better count of these next week, they will be listed on ebay as well with the water block setups. Thanks,
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    FS: Asus X99-WS w/ IPMI nice workstation 2011-3 boards

    Hey there, I have some Asus X99-WS IPMI boards that we are pulling out of production. The ebay link is below, there is some room for BO's for you guys :) At peak we were contributing close to 1MH to the Servethehome Aeon pool and some of these were used for it. Bios updated to newest...
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    More profitable use of GPU mining rigs

    I wonder If they end up getting big if Nvidia will attempt to shut them down. Remember Nvidia recently did a dick move that pretty much banned consumer cards from anything more than gaming and crypto.
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    Supermicro Chassis or Power Supply to GPUs

    It would be cool to see someone release some cheap breakout boards for SM supplies (like the HP ones). I get why the HP ones are so popular, the mass production of them / they where everywhere. We have hundreds if not a thousand left over 920/1200 plat sm supplies laying around so these...
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    Another new coin that I mined for fun, talk about a ride.

    Out of curiosity, which site is showing it in the profitability calcs?
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    Historic day..... STH Aeon ten percent global!

    I was a 1/3 of it, but pulled some out, now just 730k of it