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    VMware 6.7U3 NVMe Storage Issue

    Glad that this old thread was able to help.
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    VMware 6.7U3 NVMe Storage Issue

    Ended up being that the drives are formatted for 4Kn and VMware doesn't support NVMe SSD with 4Kn formatting. Once they were reformatted to 512e I was able to access them.
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    VMware 6.7U3 NVMe Storage Issue

    Thank you for the suggestion. I ran the commands in that KB and we don't have LUNs with 2 legacy identifiers. I forgot to put in the original post that the hosts are running ESXi 6.7 U3.
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    VMware 6.7U3 NVMe Storage Issue

    I am having problems with VMware seeing my new WD Gold NVMe SSDs on my HP DL385 Gen 10 hosts. I am getting this for logs for the 4 drives: 2020-10-07T17:58:18.494Z cpu42:2098140)ScsiEvents: 501: Event Subsystem: Device Events, Created! 2020-10-07T17:58:18.494Z cpu42:2098140)VMWARE SCSI Id: Id...
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    Pfsense Issue

    I have dual Pfsense firewalls on version 2.4.4 Release p2 running on SuperMicro SYS-5018D-FN8T hosts. I want test having our LAN traffic go over the 10GbE port. However, every time I activate an interface assignment on the 10GbE port the router decides that all LAN traffic should be routed to...
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    10Gbit card for ESXi

    I have some Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX switches in the datacenter I manage and they are a great card. We use the 25GbE version instead of the 10GbE. If you are able to get some 2nd hand I would go with those/
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    Vmware changes ESXi license because of AMD Epyc and Intel CPUs with more than 32 cores

    "Any customer who purchases VMware software licenses, for deployment on a physical server with more than 32-cores per CPU, prior to April 30, 2020 will be eligible for additional free per-CPU licenses to cover the CPUs on that server." Note to self: Be sure to buy 64 Core CPUs before then so you...
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    Noob question: VLANs? for Windows 2000/XP/7 isolation

    VLAN should work just make sure that your firewall won't allow them to communicate across VLANs, I would also have them on a separate subnet just as added security. Otherwise you can always have a physical switch and subnet for them.
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    PSOD Trying to install ESXi on EPYC 7002

    No I didn't write that backwards. For official VMware support of Epyc 7002 you need to be running 6.7 U3 or 6.5 U3. VMware Compatibility Guide - cpu While it might work on 6.7 U2, if you were to run into an issue you would not be able to get support from VMware with it running on 6.7 U2.
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    PSOD Trying to install ESXi on EPYC 7002

    6.7 U2 do not have support for 7002 series, you need 6.7 U3 for that. What you probably need is a BIOS update for your host. I had that issue in late October installing 6.7 U3 onto my company's new SuperMicro AS-2124BT-HTR. I had to contact SuperMicro and get a release candidate BIOS and once I...
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    WTB 1.6TB-4TB ssd (large qty) , and few AIC 250GB+

    Depends on the vendor you are using. I can tell you from person experience that if you go SuperMicro with the Epyc CPU you can get a 1U 10NVMe with 1TB RAM, Dual Epyc 7502 CPU, 2x 3.2Tb Micron 9300 MAX, 8x 3.84TB Micron 9300 Pro, 2x Mellanox Connect-X4 LX with dual port 25GbE cards for under...
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    WTB 1.6TB-4TB ssd (large qty) , and few AIC 250GB+

    Your best bet will be to find a Value Added Reseller and go from there. If you need write intensive drives for SATA you are left with the 3.84TB Micron 5300 MAX that just launched. For SAS there are only 2 options I can think of HGST/WD & Seagate. Problem with SAS is the drives are extremely...
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    Another day another Intel security issue

    "Researchers at Vrije University in Amsterdam revealed on Wednesday that Intel's server-grade processors suffer from a vulnerability, which they dubbed NetCAT. The vulnerability enables a side-channel attack that can infer what a CPU is working on and is said to rely on issues with two Intel...
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    Intel 800GB DC P3700 SSD PCIE SSD $200

    I have 2x 800GB U.2 P3700's as cache drives for a vSAN at my work and they are great drives.
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    eBay intel 4800X 750GB 417USD?

    There was a thread dealing with Fusion IO drives that you might be interested in then. People are getting 1.2TB drives for $115 each when buying 2+ drives. They won't work as a boot drive...
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    Cheap EE sample SSD 1.92TB $180 - 3.84TB $350

    In 1 year there are 8760 hours, that means that this has been turned on for less than 1 year. Since the full s4500 series comes with a 5 year warranty, I'd say this is lightly used. Also these drives are rated for 1.1DWPD over 5 years so I highly doubt they are anywhere near that.
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    Intel P3600 800Gb $300 OBO

    You will need either a U.2 to M.2 adapter combo or a PCIe Add In Card adapter to use it in a desktop. In terms of performance these are the "Mixed use" of the P3000 series with 4.3PBW of endurance. Intel® SSD DC P3600 Series (800GB, 2.5in PCIe 3.0, 20nm, MLC) Product Specifications
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    25gbe switches, anyone with a list and pricing?

    It isn't a back-rev at all, it is the next step in SFPs. There are several changes that were made to signaling and such that allows for 25Gb signal to be sent with the same power and number of wires as 10Gb. This means that 100Gbe uses the same power as 40Gbe, or only 40% the power of 100Gbe...
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    25gbe switches, anyone with a list and pricing?

    We run dual Mellanox SN2100's in our colocation datacenter. It has 16x 100Gbe ports that can each be broken down to 2x 50Gbe, 4x 25Gbe, or 4x 10Gbe with breakout cables. With the discount it was cheaper than a Cisco that was HEAVILY discounted. Mellanox Onyx OS is quite a nice GUI to work with...
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    Intel S3500 800GB $129 lots available

    If you really wanted to speed everything up you should get an Optane 905p.