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    ConnectX-4 VPI 100GbE NIC $149 obo

    If you are seeking 100GbE nics, this is a great deal. edit: seller bumped price, but still accepts offers. STH effect lol
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    FS: [US-CO] 7.68TB SAS SSD Fire Sale, Ubiquity Gear Added, Sonic Wall (Gotta Go)

    Mind if I ask why AREA7680S5xnNTRI ones are much cheaper than the rest, or is it a typo?
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    DX010 / Sonic / L2 help needed

    vlan 1 is reserved in linux and most switches, avoid using it when possible
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    EXPIRED Hyve "S-SKUD 2" - 1U, 8x LFF SATA6, 2x LGA 3647 Skylake-SP, 2x PCIe x16, 2x OCP PCIe x8 w/2x 25Gbps Connectx-4 installed - $149 + Shipping

    I'd avoid 'non-mainstream' servers after bad experience with some. Good luck finding replacement for cables, nic, risers etc.
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    Canada FS: Dual & Single Intel XEON Platinum P-8136 (28 cores) workstation for sale with FREE SHIPPING.

    Are you selling the whole workstation or just CPU+board+heatsink?
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    Q4 2019 cleaning sale

    X10SDV-4C-TLN2F system still available?