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    Seattle residents - quick deal!

    How did I not know about this seller? Thanks! Added to favorites!
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    Is anyone on ScaleIO 2.0 yet?

    Here is some info: Node1: 1 Xeon x5650, X8DTN+, Dell H310 IT mode flash, 32GB, 8x 7.2k sata, 1 250GB 850evo, connectx-2 10g Node2: 1 Xeon L5630, X8DTN+, Dell H310 IT mode flash, 32GB, 8x 7.2k sata, 1 250GB 850evo, connectx-2 10g Node3: 1 Xeon L5630, X8DTN+, Dell H200 IT mode flash, 32GB, 8x 7.2k...
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    Is anyone on ScaleIO 2.0 yet?

    Followed the upgrade guide to go from 1.32.2 to 2.0 and everything worked as expected with zero downtime. I run this on a 3 node vmware vsphere 6 update 2 cluster in my home lab. The hardest part was locating the correct older software packages from 1.32.2 to load into the gateway server...
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    Lowest Cost 4 Port 10Gb Option?

    I just purchased a Dell 6224 for $100 and 2x dual port 10gb XFP modules for $40 each off of ebay. 24 gb ports, 4 sfp ports, and 4 10gb ports. Took awhile to find a seller willing to go this low, but deals can be had! I settled on the XFP modules and will just use fiber instead. Steve
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    Debating 10Gb for the home lab

    I am running EMC scaleio on my 3 nodes and can already saturate 230MB/sec through 2x 1gb ports. Looking to push the speeds even higher. I will definitely start investigating what it takes to setup a ring topology using IPoIB. Does anyone know if the Mellanox ConnectX-2 VPI Dual-Port 40GB...
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    Debating 10Gb for the home lab

    Does this really work? Will it work in VMware? I know it doesn't work with ethernet.
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    Need 3+ SFP+ ports. Thinking hard about buying 2x Blade Network RackSwitch G8000F 48 Port Switch w/ 10GbE Uplink Module from ebay, combining the uplink modules into one switch and selling the extra bare switch. 4x sfp+ ports for around $320 after selling? Am I crazy?
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    Cheap Dell N3048 switches (48 port 1Gb, combo, stacking 2x SFP+ 10Gb)

    Need a deal on a switch with 3 or more sfp+ ports. Closest I can find is the Dlink 1510 28x for around $600.
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    Vsphere 6, EMC Scaleio, and Rockstor

    Once I get my system a bit more settled in, I will try to run some benchmarks. Excerpt from the user guide on the background scan. Yes, its not inline like zfs, but its better than nothing. Background Device...
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    I am testing out rockstor using a raw 16TB lun formated with btrfs from my scaleio setup. I did have one kernel panic which appears to be due to network manager going crazy after 24 hours of failing to autoconfigure an unconfigured interface. After setting static IPs on all interfaces it...
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    Vsphere 6, EMC Scaleio, and Rockstor

    All data in scaleio is mirrored. Based on what I am seeing 20TB raw will give you 10TB usable space similar to RAID10. The nice thing is you don't need to lose any space to local raid on each node. Disks are added individually to the cluster. I was able to use both SATA disks and SAS disks...
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    Vsphere 6, EMC Scaleio, and Rockstor

    Has anyone else tried a Vsphere6 + Scaleio + NAS setup? I am having huge success with this setup so far. Already survived 2 disk failures. My last two Seagate 3TB drives gave up under load and the system never skipped a beat. Replaced with 1 TB drives and the system recovered and...
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    Brocade 1020 CNA 10GbE PCIe Cards

    I can confirm these cards work fine on vsphere 6. In fact they use the same 5.5 drivers.
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    Decent Deal: Supermicro SC826 barebones with SAS2

    The design of scaleio, vsan, and other competing cluster storage technologies is you don't have a single point of failure. My goal is to be able to unplug a single running host and have the other 2 keep everything running without missing a beat. All of my data will be present on at least 2...
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    Decent Deal: Supermicro SC826 barebones with SAS2

    I can also confirm the fans are PWM 4pin. The server fans are nice and quiet on the low power bios settings. The 800 watt power supplies are definitely the loudest part of the system. Since I will have 3, I plan on just running one power supply per system to cut noise and power. Maybe I got...
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    Decent Deal: Supermicro SC826 barebones with SAS2

    Long time lurker and finally decided to share. Ebay seller garlandcomputers has several Supermicro SC826 systems with X8DTN+ motherboard and BPN-SAS2-826EL1 backplanes for only $165. Supermicro 2U Server X8DTN BAREBONES HW RAID Add CPU RAM HD | eBay I know the westmere architechure is getting...
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    HP P410 Pass-through?

    I recently purchased one of those HP DL180 G6's off ebay with 14xdrive bays and an HP P410 controller to act as a home based virtual environment. I am running into a problem attempting to use this controller in any VM using pass-through mode. Nexenta and Windows based vms fail to boot with the...