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    Need Help on Dell Build

    That I have. By any chance do you recall what the name of that bios adjustment was? If I get back into the bios, I'll look to update it. This is such a finicky machine.... Thanks!
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    Need Help on Dell Build

    Agreed! At first I thought it was the GPU but confirmed it wasn't. I've never had such poor luck at troubleshooting. How many sticks are in your 7910?
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    Need Help on Dell Build

    Hello All, I'm looking for any suggestions as this is my first build and I'm so close...yet so far :D I have a Dell 7920 Tower, where I'm trying to install: 2x Xeon 8173M 12 x 64GB Hynix 4DRx4 HMAA8GL7AMR4N-VK 2666mhz ECC sticks 4x 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus (via an Asus Hyper m2 card). I'm...
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    [WTB] Xeon Scalable CPUs

    Hello All, Rebuilding a Dell 7920 and need two Xeon CPUs. Looking for: -Skylake or Cascade Lake -24 cores (or more) per CPU This is a thrifty rebuild so trying to not break the bank ($200-$450 per CPU) Live in CONUS. Thanks!