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    16TB SAS Seagate Exo $374 in CDW Outlet

    Every other on-line I seller I use can manage limited quantities. After years of buying stuff on-line, number of cancelled orders: CDW = 3; everyone else = 0. This is clearly a deliberate practice.
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    16TB SAS Seagate Exo $374 in CDW Outlet

    I wouldn't be surprised if they over-book orders and then sorted them out a week later, giving the deals to their best corporate clients.
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    16TB SAS Seagate Exo $374 in CDW Outlet

    Placed order for 2 drives last week - apparently successfully - and just today they say they are cancelling the order. This is the third time this has happened to me this year. No more CDW for me.
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    Dell PE T340 e2134 8GB for $700 in CDW Outlet

    I can't find it in the specs. Does the drive backplane support SAS3 (12G) drives at full speed?
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    New HGST SAS3 800G $380

    What is the lock referred to by the seller? And does anyone know if these will work outside EMC?
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    LSI Protection Modules (Super Capacitors)

    I have a few LSI RAID cards that have the CacheVault daughter board but need the super capacitors. But there are a few models of Tecate Super Capacitors for LSI. The two most common are 49571-01 and 49571-03. But there is also a 49571-15 and I think a 49571-16. I thought particular controller...
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    $120: NEW! Intel DC S3700 400Gb 1.8" SSD

    I bought a couple of S3500 models (SSDSC1NB240G4I) and I didn't think much about the 3.3v. I knew the keying was different and I bought an adapter (not sure if active or passive). I assumed the adapter would adjust for any electrical requirements. I have been running them for months now. Am I...
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    PM863 1.92TB drives

    These SSDs are supposedly intended for mostly read applications, while the SM series is more mixed use. When Samsung says that, they are speaking from an Enterprise point-of-view. But if one were to use the PM series in a personal computer (perhaps in a RAID0 setup) for applications that are...
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    Xyratex RS-1603 SATA array with 12x2TB drives - Can't get over 500 MB/s in RAID0

    I got a hold of a LSI9285 adaptor (6Gb circa 2014) but I could only borrow it for 30 minutes. I replaced the LSI8888ELP with it (Windows automatically installed the latest drivers) and the new card recognized the array I created with the older LSI card. I didn't create a new array for lack of...
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    Xyratex RS-1603 SATA array with 12x2TB drives - Can't get over 500 MB/s in RAID0

    Maybe. I have only used the LSI8888ELP with 4 drive setups with RAID0, and I always get just under 500 R/W sequential with 4 drives. However, 1 SAS cable carries lines for 4 x 3Gb SAS lanes, which is why the Xyratex brochure says the max performance is 1200 M/s. In theory you should be able to...
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    Xyratex RS-1603 SATA array with 12x2TB drives - Can't get over 500 MB/s in RAID0

    Happy New Year to all. Someone gave me an older (2006) Xyratex RS-1603 SAS/SATA enclosure with 16-bays. I put 8 Hitachi SATA2 drives into it, connected it to an LSI 8888ELP RAID adapter, and configured it for RAID0 (128K, Write Through, Read Ahead). I am not concerned about redundancy - only...