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    FS-US-MN-SC: 22TB ECC DDR3 & NVME SSD Storage & other stuff

    Anyone else have yet to hear back from Morphers?
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    FS-US-MN-SC: 22TB ECC DDR3 & NVME SSD Storage & other stuff

    While I can at least agree that is about my personal cutoff price as well… did he not say ‘offers welcome’? I mean… so offer? ;).
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    FS-US-MN-SC: 22TB ECC DDR3 & NVME SSD Storage & other stuff

    PM incoming. I’m okay with expected shipping to Canada. ;)
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    Dell H830 SAS RAID and Dell PowerVault MD1200

    Hi! I'd like to poke the zombie and see if this remained operational long term or had any issues or if anyone else who might see this again now has any feedback. Looks like an H830 in an R630 will physically connect to an MD1200/MD1220 using an "HD Mini SAS" to "Mini SAS" connector. Outside...
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    FS: IBM G8124 (24x10Gb SFP+) Switch

    Well... I had forgotten all about watching this thread... dammit :)
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    X9DRD-7LN4F, Optane 280GB 900P

    Got my T-Mobile AC1900's, figured I'd post positive transaction feedback :)
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    DDR3 16GB 2Rx4 PC3L 10600R + others

    All sold, and all received, and all tested 100% with MemTest. Thanks again Evan.
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    Clarification about PXE, VDI and thin client technologies?

    If the OS is running on the "VM Server", then all this is, is a PXE booted thin client - which can be whatever minimal OS you need to run MSTSC/View/Horizon/Citrix/etc. There is no need or benefit to 'stream' an OS to the low powered device, only the keyboard/video/monitor.
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    DDR3 16GB 2Rx4 PC3L 10600R + others

    Yeah, you still got any? I need more too :)
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    Grid k2 for $350

    Sure it's practical. VMUG Advantage membership, with EVAL Experience, includes 6 sockets of vSphere Enterprise Plus among other things, for about $200USD/year.
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    New ZBook Studio G4 (Loaded)

    Alright, well that's the one I found. Doesn't ship to Canada, but does mean I'm on the right track. My current battery is good for 2:09 at 99%, which.... is just absurd. How long is "forever" by comparison? Trying to decide if it's worth finding a seller to ship to Canada for $200 CAD or not...
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    New ZBook Studio G4 (Loaded)

    Hey, just trying to confirm... The high capacity 92.4whr battery for the G3 is 907584-852? Where have you folks been able to source it, and how much? Thanks!
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    ASUS Z9PA-D8, 2667v2 (QS)

    There's going to be more interest right here if you're okay shipping to Canada :)
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    FS: Fluke Kit, PCIE SSD , DDR3/4 ECC RAM, 48P-POE SW, SAS2 HBA and more

    Man, I wanted one of these for like 3 years, and never bit. Guess who bought one like 6 weeks ago? :) Dammit.
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    New ZBook Studio G4 (Loaded)

    Man, I showed up late to the party. I bought one of these completely independent of this thread, should probably have checked in sooner. Anyone had any luck getting the TB3 dock working? I can't get displayport out of the dock, a TB to DP adapter, or the DP :( Done all the driver updates...
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    KVM over IP Console server

    Link? Can't find the thread.
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    WTF Bitcoin: The Bitcoin Price Discussion Thread

    Don’t suppose you’d be so kind as to let us all know when you’re going to sell again? ;) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    8GB DDR3 ECC RDIMM BO accepted @ $10 w/ fs

    Wouldn't we all :)
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    Blade Network RackSwitch G8000F 48 Port Switch w/ 10GbE Uplink Module - 84.99 OBO + shipping

    Lenovo Flex System Management Serial Access Cable Kit - serial cable kit - 90Y9338 - Serial Cables - CDW.CA Lenovo Flex System Management Serial Access Cable Kit - serial cable kit - 90Y9338 Lenovo Flex System Management Serial Access Cable 90Y9338 Part Numbers or Keywords: · Blade Part...
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    L5640's for $14.45/each

    Looks like various sellers have L5630 quads as well for as low as $4/CPU. Maybe I'll replace the last of my 5520's.... I didn't realize E5-2630L's were down to $25-30 either....