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    Two PM863 drives dead after power outage

    Hello, yesterday after power outage due to storm, my server with two 480GB PM863 drives connected in raid1 via Dell PERC H200 started, and vmware reported no persistent storage. Checking in settings really showed no disks, rescanning H200 controller didnt change anything. Then I rebooted server...
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    HP T620 thin client crashing

    Hello, I bought HP T620 with 4GB ram 16GB SSD. I use 65W HP branded power supply with it. Issue with it is that it crashes after 1-2 minutes from power on. When I boot Windows 7 embedded, it shows 0x50 BSOD. If I dont boot windows, but stay in BIOS, it just hangs. After it crashes, and I power...
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    1000base rate support on HP 560SFP+ (Intel 82599/X520 OEM) ?

    Hello, I bought HP 560SFP+ used on ebay and use it in esxi 6.7 box. Problem I have with it is that it doesnt support 1Gb link rate. So when I insert SFP, link doesnt come up. Forcing 1000/full duplex also doesnt work, card states it only supports 10000BaseX/Full. I am wondering if there is any...
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    ESXi 6.7 native mac learning issue with Mellanox card

    Hello, I found this article Native MAC Learning in vSphere 6.7 removes the need for Promiscuous mode for Nested ESXi mentioning its possible to have multiple mac addresses on one virtual network interface without promiscuous mode. Problem is, that it works only when physical vmnic connected to...
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    SFF-8088 LSI-compatible sata/esata breakout cable?

    Hello, I have LSI 9280-4i4e and icydock 4disk chassis with esata conectors. So I bought SFF-8088 to Esata breakout cable like this: NEW Mini SAS SFF-8088 4i to 4 esata 7P HDD External Multilane 8088 SAS Cable 1M 711765391660 | eBay Problem is, that after connecting chassis with controller, it...
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    EU LTO5 SAS drive Quantum TC-L52BN for 200+30EUR

    I found this looking around ebay, price seems quite good to me. Described as used, two pieces for sale, no accessories. edit: (link in 2nd post)
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    X9SRL-F POSTs only via BIOS recovery process

    Hello, as the title says, I have Supermicro X9SRL-F that during startup beeps error and if usb flash is inserted, it loads bios from it. When I quit without saving, computer starts booting OS. If I do save and quit, it reboots and bios recovery happens again. I also tried to do multiple power...
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    Synology RS3617xs+ optane support?

    Hello, I am wondering if there is any catch in Optane support in DSM of if its possible to use duo of 280GB drives as ssd cache in this NAS? I am choosing between RS3617xs (Xeon E3v2) with dual S3520 for cache and 12TB WD Golds or RS3617xs+ (Xeon D 1531) with dual optane 900p for cache (if...
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    Mellanox WinOF powershell cmdlets not working in Windows 10 (ConnectX-3 SMB Direct/RDMA)

    Hello, I got two MCX314 cards, and I am trying to make SMB direct in windows 10 working. I enabled DCB and SMB Direct in windows features, updated firmware to 2.42 and installed WinOF 5.35 In Mellanox guide for Windows 2012, It is specified that for WinOF 4.9 or higher, RoCE version has to be...
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    WTB: 4x8GB DDR3 ECC UDIMM (for X9SCL)

    Hello, I am upgrading my X8SIL server to X9SCL and am looking for ram. Ebay prices I checked are about 50USD/stick so I am wondering if someone here might offer for less. I am located in EU, but can use shipito for forwarding.
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    LTO Tape Encryption?

    Hello, I picked Quantum LTO5 Tape drive with bunch of tapes on ebay. Installed driver, updated firmware and installed LTFS package. It works fine. These drives are supposed to support encryption transparently by injecting encryption key into them. LTFS package itself has nothing to do with...
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    Intel 320 600GB $97

    Intel 320 Series 600 GB Internal 2.5" SSDSA2BW600G3D Solid State Drive SSD not the newest and best performing, but at given price certainly seems as a deal to me :) they have 14 in stock No idea on how much they have written.
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    Case for Intel W2600CR2 ?

    I bought Intel W2600CR2 not checking its dimensions prior and expecting EATX. But this 14.2" x 15" monster broke my plan to place it in old Chieftec BH case which i have bunch of them lying around. So, could anyone confirm if Fractal Design Define XL or Arc XL will fit? It claims to support...
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    2x8GB PC3L-10600R memory for 17 EUR incl intl shipping

    Hynix 16GB (2x8GB) PC3L-10600R ECC DDR3 HP ML150 350 G6 DL160 180 370 g6 e G8 It allows to buy just two items per 10 days. So if you want more, you need more ebay accounts :)
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    Socket 1356 boards compatibility with v3 (haswell) Xeons

    Hello, does anyone know if socket 1356 motherboards currently available, typically supermicro, intel, tyan, are compatible with new 2400 v3 Haswell Xeons? I tried to search in bios release notes for intel board, but its not mentioning about v3 and didnt find release notes for supermicro bioses.