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    SAS3 HBA Trim Support Without DRAT RZAT Requirement

    I just upgraded my server to use ZoL .8.x and I filled it with six new Crucial MX500 2TB drives in a raidz2 that are sitting in a Supermicro 36 Drive SAS3 Chassis connected to a LSI 9300-8i (3008 chip) SAS HBA. To my complete surprise, trim does not work. Digging into these threads: Can't...
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    Supermicro Epyc Rome ATX Boards

    My old Supermicro X9SRL-F with it's Xeon E5-2609V1 needs to be replaced in a bad way. I've been waiting for the new Epyc Rome processors since this time last year. The 7402p is out and I'm ready to buy. Only one hang up in this situation... Where is Supermicro and their Epyc Rome specific...