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    EU FS: Dell R7910 and Dell Alienware Aurora R6

    Dell R7910 - 950€ 1x E5-2603v3. Other slot empty. (2 x Heat Sink Included) 32GB ECC (2 x DDR4 2133MHz Hynix 16GB) 2 x HGST HP branded Hitachi 480GB SSD SAS3 2.5" (not attached) PERC H330 Raid + cable (not attached) 1x1100W PSU 4x1G NIC Rails included Bezel: No Could convert to bare bones and...
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    WTB few Xeon Phi X200

    Looking for a few SC7210P or better to play around. I'm also interested on mobo+phi setups.
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    Dell hardware forwarding to EU

    I tried to purchase Dell Alienware Aurora gaming PC yesterday but they don't ship outside US. I contacted the Dell support and they advice me to use a middleman who has a residential address in the US to forward the package to me. As I tried to use the personal shopper, it told me that...
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    WTB: Cheap (low TDP pref) E5-26xx v3-v4 CPU for R7910.

    Looking for dirt cheap CPU to power up my system. L-version would be nice as I'm planning to do GPU unit from it. I've been told that the late model A1/M0/R0 ES would work too, but the bios isn't the latest (2.2.0) so I'm bit skeptical about that. If someone knows better, please share the...
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    WTB: 4x QFSP+ Direct Attach Cable 5m

    Looking for a cheap QFSP+ cables that will work on MCX314A-BCBT.
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    Potential deal: MELLANOX CONNECTX-2 MNPA19-XTR 10GB with SFP+ CABLE for $23

    MNPA19 XTR 10GB MELLANOX CONNECTX 2 PCIe X8 10Gbe SFP NETWORK CARD W CABLE | eBay The bundled cable makes it an interesting deal. However, no lengths provided. Seems to be over 1 meters, but wouldn't be surprised if shipped with the shortest on market. Edit: Seems like he just bumbed the price...
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    FS: Listing of my Retro SVI 728 MSX on eBay

    Hi guys, If anyone is interested in retro PC-stuff, here's your chance to get it. ULTRA RARE VINTAGE SPECTRAVIDEO SVI 728 MSX COMPUTER SYSTEM | eBay There's two days left and the current price is 2 euros. I saw similar one listed for $500 (it has better gear, original box). Shipment will be...
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    SOLD: 5 x Samsung 950 Pro 256GB m.2 New

    All except one retail package is unopened, thus never took it out from the plastic box. Asking for $190 each or $930 for all Shipment from Finland to US is ~$25 (18 euros - see $0. Edit: Added a picture as one requested elsewhere : Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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    Lot of interesting equipment for sale

    Hi, This seller has some neat home lab equipment for sale (other are so weird I had to Google 'em). I bought two $65 items (I5-340 T4 & Dell PowerEdge PERC H330 Mini Mono) for $50 each. The seller is from Israel. Shipped fast, however, I've not received them yet (order placed 5 days ago) IMO...
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    Z620 (dual 2011) with 1xE5-2680 $359

    Don't know if it's me, but for me, these seem to be a great deal. These setups usually cost around 1000€ in Europe. Build Your Own HP Z620 Workstation 8-Core 2.70GHz E5-2680 No OS Wholesale | eBay
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    Cheap server rack cabinet in the UK (auction)

    Found this : Prism server rack mount cabinet | eBay Price is currently GBP 17.60
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    WTB: E5-26xx V3-V4 | DDR4 ECC RDIMM | Mini-H730P for R7910/R730

    Looking for parts mentioned on the topic. - CPU: Just hit me with a model and a price. I'm receiving R7910 without any CPU or RAM and I wanna take it for a spin - DDR4: Same as above. - PERC: 1GB or 2GB both versions will do - depending on the price Name your price incl. the shipment & packing...
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    EU 80 thread server (HP DL580 G7) going for under 900€

    It's an auction. HP DL580 G7 XEON 4x10-CORE E7- 4870(40-CORE)2.4GHz/128GB/P410i/4x1200W | eBay . Closes within two hours. Yesterday similar was sold for 850€. It just slipped out of my budget for the time being.
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    Dell PowerEdge R710 LFF Server 8-Core 3.5" HDD 48GB PERC6i iDRAC6 + 2 Trays $ 199

    Yet another great offer for the folks in the US Dell PowerEdge R710 LFF Server 8-Core 3.5" HDD 48GB PERC6i iDRAC6 + 2 Trays | eBay
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    EU ASUS Z10PE D16 2x LGA 2011-3 389.99 eur

    Hey, Just bought two from this guy. He has one left (same product, different listing what I bought. This item was opened for photoshoot). ASUS Z10PE-D16 2x LGA 2011-3 Gift Box from Germany New (other) (90SB03M0-M0UAY0) | eBay