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    Adding blu ray drive to supermicro server 2U

    I am a noob with this stuff so I appreciate the help in advance. I recently bought a supermicro server and I am hoping to upgrade the dvd drive to a blu ray burner. The drive that is in there is this one...
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    Looking for blu ray drive for Supermicro 2U chassis

    I am a noob in this area (I'm a software guy) and I am grateful for the help whenever I can get it. Thanks! Earlier this year I purchased a Supermicro server in a 2U chassis with SATA ports. It has a dvd drive on the front - can I replace this with a slim blu ray burner? I've googled it and...
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    Another "how to a make supermicro setup quiet" thread

    For years I had been kicking around the idea of getting a big-boy setup and I recently bit the bullet. I am a software developer and not a server guy - I did a lot of research but I apparently neglected the possibility that the new rig would be that loud. I've googled this quite a bit and...