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    HGST HC520 512e to 4Kn?

    I figure now is going to be the easiest time to do this but am unsure if there are any advantages in my application (FreeNAS on ESXi with a 9300-8i passed through for the drives). Tried going through a couple of whitepapers I found and they were quite dense for my knowledge level but I know...
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    VRM Cooling for a Rackmount Motherboard Transplant

    I have an X10DRL-i that I purchased recently on ebay. Love the board, love that it is ATX but it is out of a 1U rackmount server ( 6018R-MT) so it is missing the heatsink on the VRM as shown in this photo circled in red, it does have the one circle in blue. Because I am using a consumer ATX...
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    First Homelab Setup

    Build’s Name: Homelab to migrate from Off the shelf NAS and have main machine be strictly for gaming/fun Operating System/ Storage Platform: FreeNAS, (running on ESXi eventually for hardware transcoding on Plex under ubuntu or windows) CPU: 1x 2660v3 (2nd on the way) Motherboard: SuperMicro...