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    Looking for a good single port 10G card.

    It seems my intel 82598EB are dying/dead. Can anyone recommend a decent 10G card w/ 1 SFP+ port only and support for Linux? Thanks!
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    It just keeps on getting bigger

    Welp, my original array of 36x2TB is rapidly approaching the 4 year old mark, and they've been in service 24x7 so I'm going to err on the side of caution and assume they will start dropping like flies shortly. Current setup: Primary Server SC847, Dual E5-2620, 64GB ram, LSI 9265-8i for...
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    Stupid SE3016 issue

    So I've got one of those SE3016s. Its decided it wants to be in an alarm state due to a temperature sensor issue. This is the report from the drives themselves: /dev/sdap: ST3000DM001-1CH166: 25°C /dev/sdaq: ST3000DM001-1CH166: 25°C /dev/sdar: ST3000DM001-1CH166: 26°C /dev/sdas...
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    Need help finding a cisco product

    I've got an older 3750g I brought home. It's got 4 SFP ports, but they're all 1gbit. It has a stacking port, and I've got some 10g stuff I'd like to connect via sfp. Does anyone know of a 'cheaper' 4 port 10g switch with SFP's that I can connect to my 3750g via the stacking port?
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    Highpoint Rocket 750 - 40 Port PCI-E 2.0 x8 HBA

    Here's the PR on HighPoint Launches 40-Port Serial ATA-6Gb/s Controller Card - X-bit labs Looks interesting, However theoretical per drive bandwidth in a perfect world is about 100MB/s. I've had some Highpoint 2320's in the past, and was less than impressed with them. I'm...
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    Samsung 840 SSDs as zilog/l2arc?

    Thinking about adding some ssds to my pools for fun and to hopefully increase performance a little bit. Are samsung 840's a good choice? was thinking about grabbing 4, doing 2 raid1's and assigning each raid1 as a zilog/cache I'd rather not shell out $999+ for a stec drive. Don't think I need...
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    Help me break my new drives

    Hey, Just finished setting up 16 new drives, on a new controller, in a new external chassis. I've got it setup under a freenas VM currently for testing. Should I just use the Phoronix test suite to try and break them, or is there a better way to go about weeding out the drives that are...
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    X9DR7-LN4F no VT-D?

    Hello, I've got a X9DR7-LN4F, Dual e5-2620, etc. BIOS says VT-D and the like are enabled. I'm trying to do pci passthrough so I can run VMWare on bare metal, then export my HBA's to a OI VM. I spotted the following error in dmesg when I had VMWare installed. 0:00:00:04.621...
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    I Hate choosing hard drives.

    Help! I'm looking at adding a JBOD chassis to my current storage environment for home. I've currently got a Supermicro SC-847 w/ 36 Hitachi Ultrastar 7k2000? drives in it. It's set up as 4x8 Drive Raid-Z3's zpool w/ 4 hot spares, 24 drives on a LSI 9265-8i, and 12 Drives + Boot (2x140gb...