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  1. maze

    EU WTB 10GBase-T low profile NIC

    Hi Looking for the mentioned, anyone happen to be selling one in EU (Denmark even better)?
  2. maze

    Startech DP KVM Switchbox + Acer Predator + 1070ti card = 24hz

    Hi guys Long story short is that I installed a startech sv231dpddua Displayport kvm switch to be able to switch between my desktop (Geforce 1070ti output) and my Lenovo laptop with a thinkpad hybrid usb-c dock. Its working perfectly on the thinkpad dock and both monitors (Acer predator 1440p...
  3. maze

    EU WTB X9DRI-lNF4+ - rev 1.20a

    Looking for said board for a friend. Anyone happen to have one they want to unload by chance? Edit: In EU pref. to not get the tax/customs thing going
  4. maze

    Samsung PM863 3.84TB 2.5" SSD MZ7LM3T8HCJM MZ-7LM3T80 (Low Usage)

    seems like a pretty good deal. .US though so not much coolness for us european guys :/ Good rating on seller and pretty decent sales numbers.
  5. maze

    EU [SOLD] [DK] Seagate NAS / Ironwolf Pro drives

    Got a lot of discs that im looking to sell. 20 Seagate NAS 8TB - From 2016/2017 80€/drive 20 Seagate Ironwolf Pro 8TB discs (1-1.5 years old) - still covered by ironwolf Pro 5 year warranty 145€/drive 20 Seagate Ironwolf Pro 10TB discs (new) - 250€/drive buy in bulk and i’ll do a discount...
  6. maze

    EU WTB Supermicro MCP-220-00043-0N 3.5" to 2.5" Hard Drive Adapter with Tray

    My buddy is looking for 8-10x MCP-220-00043-0N 3.5" to 2.5" adaptors. Anyone happen to have some they want to part ways with?
  7. maze

    EU 196€ - 8TB 7,2k 3,5" LFF SAS 12G HDD HGST HUH728080AL5200 0F23268 -zero hours- -

    8TB 7,2k 3,5" LFF SAS 12G HDD HGST HUH728080AL5200 0F23268 -zero hours- | eBay Seems cheap for EU..
  8. maze

    Cisco WLC 2504 rackmount ears.. 3D printed?

    been looking at buying a pair but the Price gets on my nerves.. Anyone happen to have printed a set of these? Og not, to the drawingboard! :)
  9. maze

    Inter-Tech - 4u-4408 - enough airflow over discs?

    So due to limitations of my wallmount rack I found myself buying the 4u-4408 case to be able to fit 8 discs and my xeon-d board with gpu inthere. Now for some reason I thought that there would be enough airflow over the discs if I mounted the 4x 80mm in the front and 2x 80mm in the back. But...
  10. maze

    EU WTS: Cisco/HP/Zyxell switches / ASA firewalls

    Have some leftover gear from customer upgrades through the last few years. All prices are ex. shipping. Shipping from dk. Units are pulled as working but i'll test them out before shipping to make sure they are passing packages and are reset to factory default. 2x HP 2920-48G (J9728A) -...
  11. maze

    2-4u case with angled pci slots for bifurcation?

    any recommendations for this kind/sizeof chassi? Will be Holding my x10sdv card with one pcie slot. Gonna do p2000 and an HBA Short depth as i only have 60cm deep wallmount rack Pref 8-12 3.5” slots and if perfect, also a 5.25”
  12. maze

    4x ssd in 5.25” drivebay - experiences?

    need to use my 3.5” slots for spindels so looking for one of these. Any inputs? - considering icy-dock but what about the single 40mm? Is it enough for cooling 4x enterprise ssds?
  13. maze

    Quadro p2000 not showing up in esxi 6.5

    just put the card in tonight, was expecting it to pop up in pci devices but no such luck.. used to run a m1015 passes through to my VM before on this SM xeon-D board. Anything i have to be aware of?
  14. maze

    EU FS: Synology rs3617xs (dual 10g) + 2x rx1217

    Downsizing my gear at home. These units still have warranty from synology. 1x RS3617XS - including dual 10G nic (sfp+) 2x RX1217 Stacking cables for the units. Rack rails for the units aswell. Looking to get €3000 for the lot. - A desktop synology can be a part of the deal if you have...
  15. maze

    EU 970 1TB / 500GB -

    Decen Price for .eu standards at least.. 1TB 175£ 500GB 89£
  16. maze

    EU WTB - Quadro p2000

    Hi Looking to beef up my plex server with one of thses babies. Anyone happen to be selling?
  17. maze

    EU WTT: Synology RS3617xs (10g)+ RX217

    looking to sell my synology box since its about 5cm too deep for my new rack. And the expansion even more :) Comes with Dual 10g sfp+ card Looking to sell or Trade with a desktop 12bay version. Anyone interested?
  18. maze

    EU WTB E3-1285L v3

    Anyone happen to have one they want to part ways with for a decent price?
  19. maze

    Wallmount rack - top of rack ventilation

    First off. Dont hate the cable mess - still in the process of fixing the beauty of this all :) Okay so my home rack sits in a 6m2 room (guess thats around 65 sqft?) in the basement.. problem is, its adjacent to the stairway to the first floor.. GF has started complaining about the noise as the...
  20. maze

    EU WTT - synology RS3617xs to DS-12 Bay model

    My new rack Misses about 5 Cm in depth to suit the rackstation.. so im looking to Trade this for an equally powerfull synology in desktop version if possible.. (or if you have a good deal I might be up for that aswell..) Anyone?