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    advise on 5tb 2.5 NAS drives (cheap)

    So my current NAS is giving me SMART errors after 8 years of service ( SAMSUNG HD103SJ ) and im looking to downsize to a micro ATX setup as part of rebuilding the system. My old setup started as Freenas with ZFS and evolved to OMV with ZFS. its mainly used for movies for the kids, some personal...
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    FS 2 ICX6610-24P switches Fully flashed and updated

    :( they work great but my pregnant wife cant yell at me from upstairs for me to hear her in my office. they are fully updated but will not have any licenses on them (you can reach out to fohdeesha for that :) will sell with 2 fans and 2 power supplies (switch is POE but power supplies are not...