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  1. gb00s

    EU WTB: 100, 200 or 400GB SAS SFF SSD's

    I'm looking for max 6 *100GB up to 400GB SAS SSD's (not NVMe) with 200GB size preferred to set up special dataset VDEV's. I'm fully open for offers but will only consider prices below eBay (at least 10% ). Shipping in the EU preferred, but if prices from US or somewhere else are 'fine' then ...
  2. gb00s

    Proxmox - ZFS Disk Failure vs Smartctl Report

    I'm experiencing a ZFS disk failure (1) for the first time since I'm working with ZFS. This disk is in a Raid10 pool. The strange thing is that different smartctl reports were given during the last couple of weeks. Sometimes with an error. Sometimes without an error. I always just made short...
  3. gb00s

    Reducing SATA power consumption

    Want to share an article I found about the power consumption of SATA drives in 'med_power_with_dipm' mode. Link1: Reducing SATA power consumption | Insanity Industries Link2: libata: Add new med_power_with_dipm link_power_management_policy setting - Patchwork I wasn't aware of this mode...
  4. gb00s

    IB - CPU Frequency Mismatches - Sun Falcon (Mellanox MHRH2A-XSR)

    I have a little issue while testing InfiniBand connections. While system (Bios-wise) is set to performance and the CPU governance is set to performance, I still receive the message/alert/warning of CPU frequency mismatches. Both CPU's are E5-2673v3's. The cards are old 10EUR eBay findings of SUN...
  5. gb00s

    EU [WTB] Fusion-io - Looking for low profile bracket

    I'm looking for up to 5x low-profile (short) brackets for Fusion-io/Sandisk cards.
  6. gb00s

    I can sleep again ... Noctua NH-L9x65 in Supermicro SC216

    Thanks to @Rand__ for his help purchasing a solid Supermicro SC216 (2U) with a super quiet PWS-920P-SQ. I didn't have so much space for another 3U or 4U case in my IKEA home rack. Therefore I was looking for a 2U unit only, fully aware of the problems coming with it in a home office environment...
  7. gb00s

    Proxmox - Disappearing Datasets

    As the Proxmox forum isn't helping with my current ZFS issue, I'm asking here in the hope to go into the right direction. Updated/-graded the system and rebooted which was followed by the mysterious 'loss' of datasets. The datasets are not really gone, as I can still list them with 'zfs list'...
  8. gb00s

    EU [WTB] 2x or 4x 32GB SAMSUNG M393A4K40BB0-CPB (RDIMM)

    I'm looking for 2x or a set of 4x 32GB SAMSUNG M393A4K40BB0-CPB (RDIMM) ... ... as these are the only sticks I don't have weird memory error issues on all of my Asus Z10PA-D8 boards. If you can please make an offer with shipping to Germany or Malta as registered/insured item only. Thank you...
  9. gb00s

    EU CLOSED - WTB: Looking for 1x 3.2TB+ or 2x 1.6+TB PCIe NVMe/SSD - Price max 350EUR

    I bought a brand new SanDisk ioMemory 3.2TB SX350 on eBay recently for less than 350EUR and had the chance to work with and test it for some time now as storage for VM's and databases. I'm totally happy, if not super happy, with the performance and how it works out in Proxmox and I'm therefore...
  10. gb00s

    Weird Temp Behavior w/Seagate Enterprise Performance 1.2TB HDD 10K v7

    Hi all, Recently, I purchased a Supermicro SC216 chassis w/BPN-SAS2-216EL2 backplane. 1x LSI 9207-i8 HBA in IT-Mode is connected to the backplane. I installed the following disks and tested the drives for S.M.A.R.T and TEMP values. 12x Seagate ST1200MM0007 (1.2TB Enterprise Performance 10K v7)...
  11. gb00s

    Reading : Aging Problems At 5nm And Below

    Link: Semiconductor aging has moved from being a foundry issue to a user problem. As we get to 5nm and below, vectorless methodologies become too inaccurate.
  12. gb00s

    3 CPU's not working after installed on one specific board

    There's a strange feeling inside me a defective mainboard or PSU broke all my spare CPUs. I can remember I had all 3 spare CPUs in one specific board and testing while I tried to figure out what's wrong with this specific board, which wasn't posting. Later I had to realize it was the PSU who...
  13. gb00s

    iXsystems next Open Source Project - TrueNAS SCALE >> Debian Linux

    Link: Starting our next Open Source Project - TrueNAS SCALE
  14. gb00s

    2U Server Case for 8x+ 2.5" HDD/SSD's SFF with vertical disk trays

    Hi, after some months of digging around, asking well experienced friendly guys, reading tons of catalogs, googling and bothering people on trading platforms with emails asking how long the server case is, here's my final question in this forum. Does anyone know a server case with 8x or more...
  15. gb00s

    ZFS versus RAID - ArsTechnica

    I didn't know where to put it, so I leave it here. I know most ZFS pro guys will be bored about it, but hey ... Link: ZFS Article - ArsTechnica Regards Mike
  16. gb00s

    HP 544QSFP MCX354A-FCBT with Mellanox firmware

    Just wanted to ask if the eBay user/seller < bitsquad > is here in the forum or does anyone know him? I ordered cards HP 544QSFP MCX354A-FCBT with Mellanox firmware from him around mid of March 2020 and they still did not arrive here in Malta. I'm trying/tried to contact him recently but...
  17. gb00s

    EU SOLD !!! Brocade ICX6450-24P

    I'm selling my Brocade ICX 6450-24P for 175 EUR plus shipping in the EU. This is the 24-ports 1GbE copper PoE version with 4x 10GbE SFP+. It's a full layer 3 switch with IPV4 + IPV6 routing, L2/L3/L4 ACL's, VRRP, OSPF, SNMP and sflow. The switch is fully upgraded to its latest firmware. The...
  18. gb00s

    1U Server w/Supermicro X9 Board & Fans Switch

    Hi, I just grabbed a cool server for pfSense with a X9SCI-LN4F Supermicro board and a E3-1230 v2. Everything seems to be fine except for the fans. They sound all like rubbing sandpaper and they are almost EOL and have their dead-end very close. The fans currently installed are SUNON...
  19. gb00s

    EU SOLD !!! Intel Xeon E5 2630 v4 - 10C/20T - 85W

    Intel Xeon E5 2630 v4 - 10C/20T - 85W I'm offering 1x used unit of Intel Xeon E5 2630 v4 with 10Cores/20Threads and 85TDP for: 295.00 EUR incl. shipping in the EU (European Union) Shipping will be insured up to 500.00 EUR Payment via PayPal or Revolut bank transfer only Current eBay...
  20. gb00s

    EU SOLD !!! Supermicro X10-SDV-F with 8C Xeon + extra cooler

    Supermicro X10-SDV-F with 8-core Xeon and extra cooler I'm offering my barely used Supermicro X10-SDV-F with an 8-core Xeon and I'm asking for : 385.00 EUR incl. shipping in the EU (European Union) Shipping will be insured up to 500.00 EUR Payment via PayPal or Revolut bank transfer only For...