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  1. jcl333

    SR IOV worth it?

    Hello, I have never tried to use SR IOV before (I have used pass-through) and I was wondering if it is a good idea, mainly in terms of reliability but also in terms of bang for the buck. My potential use case is iSCSI between a FreeNAS VM and a Windows VM. I could just setup a virtual switch...
  2. jcl333

    Anyone have success using T10-PI / 520-byte protection information with LSI RAID?

    Hello, I just got some really nice LSI 9361-8i controllers, and I noticed in the software that this controller and the drives I am using support this feature to protect against silent data corruption. Older post here has the sg-format commands to do it...
  3. jcl333

    LSI 9361-8i 12Gb/s RAID w/CacheVault+supercap $175

    LSI MegaRAID LSI 9361-8i SAS 8-Port 12Gb/s RAID Controller w/CacheVault+Battery Listing is for $189.95, they accepted my offer of two/$175. Also, if you use the eBay app on a phone to make the purchase, you can get another $10 off (code for that I used was YUSAPPGR28BLLYQM ) There are allot...
  4. jcl333

    Free: SuperChassis 116TQ-R700CB (Boston area if possible)

    Hello, I purchased this chassis because I wanted the motherboard, but I have no use for it. Doing major spring cleaning, I was going to toss it, but there is actually nothing wrong with it. So, I thought I would offer it to my friends here at STH ;-) SC116TQ-R700CB | 1U | Chassis | Products |...
  5. jcl333

    LSI Mr SAS 9361-8i $199 on ebay, legit?

    There are lots of these on e-bay, seeing if I can get someone to sell me a couple for a good deal. LSI Mr SAS 9361-8i // 03-25420-14C SAS/SATA LP Raid Controller w/ Battery | eBay Anyone had luck with these? Any problems with counterfeits? The part numbers don't exactly match what is on the...
  6. jcl333

    Go-to RAID cards for ESXi 7.x?

    I am looking for a RAID card for ESXi 7.x. What are people's favorites? There are the usual LSI options, but the Adaptec seems good too for pricing. Prefer in-box drivers. I could theoretically get away with just RAID1 / 10 because I will be using it with eSSDs. Tri-mode would be nice to be...
  7. jcl333

    LSI 3008 Firmware/BIOS/UEFI version, is this right?

    Hello, I know there are many posts on this, and I have been reading them, but many of them are years old and I would like to know if I am doing this right, how I know if I am on the right version, and what the latest version is. I have two X10SRH-CF boards with LSI3008 (broadcom 9300) chips on...
  8. jcl333

    Supermicro X10SRH-CF

    Hello, Really good deal on these, I have already purchased two of them. Supermicro X10SRH-CF Single Socket LGA2011 Motherboard Supermicro X10SRH-CF Single Socket LGA2011 Motherboard 672042159758 | eBay Good seller, fast ship and everything worked perfectly. -JCL
  9. jcl333

    OK, what am I missing - *new* Dell 25Gig NIC with iWarp for $76?

    Someone hit me with something, because I must be stupid, I *have* be missing something here: Dell QLogic QL45212HLCU 25GB Dual Port SFP PCle 3.0x 8 Ethernet Adapter XV3MV Dell QLogic QL45212HLCU 25GB Dual Port SFP PCle 3.0x 8 Ethernet Adapter XV3MV | eBay This appears to be a Marvell FastLinQ...
  10. jcl333

    Guide on SS (not S2D) PS commands for mirror accelerated parity?

    Hello all, I find pieces of this information all over the place, but not something really comprehensive with all the little gotchas, I suppose if I can't find it I will make one. I have 2x NVMe eSSDs w/PLP and 7x 10TB shucked SATA drives, and there appears to be allot of different commands...
  11. jcl333

    Connecting disks to downstream ports on expander?

    I have a SM 16-port SAS2 EL1 single expander backplane. Has anyone tried connecting drives to the downstream ports using a breakout cable? I have an Intel RES3CV360 that can do this, the downstream ports intended to connect more expanders can also be used just for more disks. My use case is...
  12. jcl333

    Is Noctua D9DX i4 3u the go-to for SC836?

    Hello, Just picked up a Supermicro CSE-836BE16-R920B chassis, going to be using it with an X10SRH-CF and an E5-2690v3 (135W). Is the Noctua D9DX i4 3u the best option for this setup? Does anyone add the 2nd fan? Thanks -JCL
  13. jcl333

    Ethernet WiFi bridge - looking for tips

    Hello, I thought I would post here and ask this as I am more active here vs. smallnetbuilder, openwrt, ddwrt, etc. If someone has another good site I would welcome suggestions. The TLDR version is does anyone have a link to a good set of instructions for OpenWrt for creating a good...
  14. jcl333

    "Taming" home network for kids by experts for experts

    Hello, I put this here because I wasn't sure if it was a good post for the networking hardware forum (Patrick: let me know what you think if you see this...) I am wondering what my fellow networking experts have done to tame the Internet and network for their kids, or even just for themselves...
  15. jcl333

    Looking for advice on SAS expander

    Hello, I just purchased an LSI 9400-16i, and I am looking for an expander to go with it to create an external jbod enclosure (I am converting my old 10-slot QNAP). I often like to go with new or nearly new items because I want to get a long usable lifespan and latest driver support, so it...
  16. jcl333

    Looking for advice on build, storage spaces server

    Build’s Name: Storage Spaces Operating System/ Storage Platform: Server 2019 or ESXi 6.7u1 + Server 2019 CPU: Xeon Silver 4110 (approx $460) Motherboard: Supermicro X11SPH-nCTF (approx $600)...
  17. jcl333

    Would this SSD work for cache in SS?

    Hello, I am thinking this post belongs here more than it does in the SSD forum, but do correct me if this is not the case. I am planning on building a SS box with 7x data disks using 10GB drives, and two SSDs for caching, using mirror-accelerated + parity (with up to two failures tolerated). I...
  18. jcl333

    Intel i350 and SR-IOV (maybe a rant...)

    Hello all, I have been trying to make decisions on CPUs, motherboards, NICs, and so on. This is primarily for building my own Sophos UTM (either virtualized or physical) @ 1Gb/s, but also a home lab to play around with interesting technology. One of the one's I would love to play with is...
  19. jcl333

    Where to buy genuine Intel NICs?

    Hello, I have been seeing allot of people ending up with non-genuine Intel NICs. I am looking for an i350 either T2V2 or T4V2, wondering if anyone here has a good way to get one that is less likely to be a fake. Thanks -JCL
  20. jcl333

    Looking for Xeon-D / Atom home server recommendation

    Hello all, A while back I was following some of these great Xeon-D setups with like 16-cores and low power consumption, but then I noticed some newer Atom's come out that looked as though they maybe fit in a similar segment. I think the Xeon-D even has RAS. I got busy with other things and...