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    Introducing VMware vSphere 6.7!

    I can sort of confirm this. I was able to successfully install 6.7 on a nested VM running on X5675s. Once I upgrade vCenter I'll give it a shot on a physical host.
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    WTB: 1TB+ 2.5" Enterprise/NAS HDDs

    While it looks like the price on them has gone up, but I have 32xST91000640NS, of the Dell WF12F that have been spinning in my lab since July and I am very happy with them. I paid $45 each for them. Unfortunately for you in addition to the price increase since I bought them, they are also...
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    Does C6100 support Xeon X5680/X5690?

    I'm running x5675s, so unfortunately I can't help.
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    Are the HP CN1000E good cards for 10GbE networking?

    Interesting. Unfortunately, I gifted the X2s to a friend so I can't do deeper testing to make sure it wasn't something environmental
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    Are the HP CN1000E good cards for 10GbE networking?

    I perf tests in a centos 6 vm would usually top out at 5-6 gbps on the X2. With the Cn1000e, I usually get 8-9
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    Are the HP CN1000E good cards for 10GbE networking?

    I have 8 of these in ESX hosts. They work just fine, and provide more throughput than I ever got out of a set of ConnectX-2 cards. No idea on the power consumption, but probably horrendous.
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    Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 2U 4-Node (8 CPU) Cloud Server

    Over the last two months, I've picked up a pair of c6100s. I bought one from Mr. Rackables, and the other from pdneiman. The first I bought from pdneiman in early april, and got it up and running without any issue. The second c6100 is also great. What I have noticed is that the model...
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    Looking for good low cost 2.5' Nas drives

    All - I am looking for some advice on some decent 2.5' drives to use in a NAS. I have 2 c6100s that I'm going to be leveraging with Nutanix CE and/or vSAN. Initially I gave a set of Seagate Firecudas a try, and had some very sour experiences with the drives going to sleep and requiring a...
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    Question about Dell C6100 and C6105 sleds

    Did you ever give this a try?
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    FS: SM 6026t-NTR+/LSI 9211/2+TB HDDs/16GB PC3-8500R DIMMS

    I have a bunch of stuff that I am pulling from my lab. If you happen to have a 24 bay c6100, I'd be interested in working out some sort of a trade, otherwise prices are listed. Servers 2x Supermicro 6026t-NTR+ Supermicro X8DTN+ Motherboard 2xE5620 CPU 2x2 GB PC3-8500R DIMMs 8x HDD Trays 2x 2.5...
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    Flash Dell XX2X2 Mezzanine card for C6100

    I was able to flash the xx2x2 to IT mode using the current firmware from Avago/broadcom's site and wit worked fine.
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    WTB: 2xLFF c6100

    I'm exploring the feasibility and cost of picking up 2 6100 LFF systems. I really only want/need two nodes per chassis but more as spares would be okay. Having a few xx2x2 mezz cards would be nice bonus, but otherwise no ram needed, not picky on cpus, will most likely will swap them out.
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    Flash Dell XX2X2 Mezzanine card for C6100

    Did you ever get them working?
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    c6100 sata doms or embedded hypervisor

    Did you ever figure anything out on this? I have a c6100 arriving next week, and want to avoid using one of the hot swap bays for a boot device.
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    Full heigh bracket Mellanox bracket?

    sent you a PM