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    A few good 10Gb SFP+ switch deals I found $40/ port or less

    Moving away from Cisco or Juniper I've found a few interesting switch deals in the past weeks: Fujitsu - Fujitsu XG2600 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch XG2600A | eBay $800 but I bet you could get it for under $750 and Liquid8 is a good seller we've used many times. Description says there needs to...
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    Nice cheap 1U servers

    I don't post many great deals but these are selling for not much more than the cost of the case: ebay link: Supermicro 1U Server 6016T NTF 2X Quad Core E5540 2 53 GHz 16GB DDR3 2X 250GB 672042044801 | eBay The 250GB drives suck and the processors can be replaced with l5600's cheaply. They do...
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    How much has this site "saved" you in 2015?

    I don't think I actually save money. It's like when my ex used to tell me she saved $$$$ at Costco. I compared my pre-here what I would've spent on SSD and rackmount servers (7k) to what I did spend (4.5k) and that's a really nice fat of change to haul. And you peeps are fun too!
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    Supermicro SAS2308 - $125 OBO

    LP bracket: Supermicro AOC S2308L L8I 6GB s 8 Port SAS SATA PCIe LSI 2308 LP RAID Controller | eBay I don't know if this is a super hot deal but it's $60 less than the next 2308 i saw and has a best offer.
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    What's up with the S3700 400GB?

    STH - what's up with the Intel S3700 400gb benchmarks today? That is an older drive. What gives?
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    Samsung 845DC Pro 800GB

    $700 + free ship. There's best offer too: Samsung 845DC Pro MZ 7WD800EW 800 GB Internal Solid State Drive | eBay More expensive but 3d nand and MLC not TLC. It's about $200 off not including the best offer. 2 available too. Fast drives.
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    ebay best offer policy

    I know you can't ask to buy something on ebay outside of ebay. But can I ask a seller with a BIN auction to enable BO and say "because I want to offer ____ amount"? I would only buy using best offer through ebay for buyer protection, but it seems like this is legit. I know we have many ebay...
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    Pliant lb406s 400GB SLC SAS $449 obo

    Nice deal on some SLC SAS drives if someone is looking for them. Pliant was bought by sandisk and these were really really popular drives Pliant SanDisk Lightning Solid State Drive 400GB SSD LB406S 2 5" SAS Hard Drive | eBay Those are write forever kinda drives.
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    Help me pick a large SSD

    I'm tempted by all of this cheap capacity SSDs. I've considered a Samsung EVO but I'd rather just get MLC. It isn't like the cost is 50% less. Here's my options --- S3500 800GB - Intel 800GB DC S3500 MLC 2 5" SATA 6GB s Solid State Drive SSD SSDSC2BB800G4I | eBay SanDisk 800GB - SanDisk 800...
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    Mixing 1/10g on network

    Hi = this is my first post here. I've lurked for years. I've read through all these 10G threads. I've got a pfsense router I made out of an old atom. It has 1g connection to my 1g switch. If I had a 10g switch and uplinked the 1g switch to the 10g switch, how does traffic flow between 10g...