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    Distributed storage, but not redundant

    Not sure this is the right spot for this, but at work, we are migrating our lab ESXi hosts from local storage to an IP-SAN (finally) and I want to repurpose their local storage to cold storage for things like lab machine backups, customer database backups, etc. Is it possible to set up a...
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    X9DRH-7F UEFI boot?

    I have an X9DRH-7F that I want to bifurcate the PCIe x16 slot for NVMe cache drives in unRAID. The problem is, I have to boot it into UEFI mode to be able to set it that way. I cannot get it set to boot in UEFI mode. Anyone know how to do this?
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    Is this possible?

    I have a Dell PERC H310 installed in my home desktop (providing a RAID 0 array for my game storage). I would like to install Linux to a partition on the array but for some reason, Linux cannot initialize the firmware on the card. I know it can be flashed to the LSI 9211-8i IT mode firmware...
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    SC836 & PWS-920P-1R quiet mode

    I moved my home server into a SC836 I got for free. I knew the PSUs it came with were loud so I got two PWS-920P-1Rs right away. Ran a jumper from pin 17 on the ATX connector to ground to put them in quiet mode. The problem is, I don’t think it worked. Fans in them still doing at 6500 to 7500...
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    smccloud's for sale thread

    I will be updating this thread as I find more items to sell and as items sell. Transcend 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz Registered DIMMs 8 $30 each piece shipped IBM Branded 8GB DDR3 1300Mhz Registered DIMMs 2 $15 each shipped Short DIMMs 4GB DDR3 Registered DIMMs Dataram 1300 MHz 6 $7 each (free...
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    LSI MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i Crossflash?

    Is it possible to crossflash an LSI MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i to IT mode? From what I can read, it appears to be able to but I'm not 100% sure. If not, will the passthrough mode work fine for wiping drives using BCWipe Total WipeOut?
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    MicroServer N40L Question

    I have an old N40L that is dead. PSU went out and after replacement, it worked for a while but eventually the board died. My question is the following, will the backplane it came with handle SAS drives or will it only handle SATA drives? A quick flashlight check looks like SAS drives should...
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    Chinese Dual LGA 2011 Boards?

    Anyone ever try one of the cheap Chinese Dual LGA 2011 boards? Specifically, this one. I know I won't have IPMI, but I'm hoping that otherwise they are decent.
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    WTB 2 sets of Supermicro BKT-0012L

    I just recently acquired an ASUS KCMA-D8 motherboard for free for my home server. The only issue is I have no way to mount AM3 HSFs on it. It looks like the Supermicro BKT-0012L retention bracket will either fit as is or will fit with minor modification. However, I am not able to find any for...
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    FS: Mikrotik RouterBoard hAP AC- used

    I'm selling my Mikrotik RouterBoard hAP AC, just didn't like it very much although it worked well. Purchased September of 2017 from Amazon, it has the US WiFi Bands on it. Would like to get $70 + S&H (Actual price for the smallest priority mail box it will safely fit in) for it. I accept...
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    Generic Monero CPU Miner Docker container

    I created a Docker container to mine Monero using a CPU and xmr-stak-cpu. Its located at To use it, just run docker run -d -e WALLET_ADDRESS= -e POOL_PASSWORD= -e POOL=<address & port for your pool, optional. Will use
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    Microtik Suggestion

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a Microtik router to replace an ERX and a UAP AC Lite? My UniFi setup died and I'm not sure I want to keep using it some the AP does for no reason. Sent from my 2PZC5 using Tapatalk
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    Cloud backup solution?

    Well, I just got an email stating that my CrashPlan family plan is ending because they are pulling out of the home market. From what I can find, the only provider with unlimited space for Linux backups will now be CrashPlan Small Business. Of course it will be $10 per computer and not $13.99 for...
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    Free backup solution that runs in Linux?

    So, I am currently using Veeam Backup Free (VeeamZip) edition at work to backup VMs from our vSphere clusters. The problem is, it isn't always running as expected (and I have a VM dedicated to this task). Some nights it runs fine and other nights it won't run. Yesterday, I noticed that it...
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    Help designing a new network

    Ok, We are having some network issues at work. We are leaning towards the issue being our current HP ProCurve J4903A (the only managed switch we have). At this point, I would like to start planning a new network layout with the following features. At least 10G between switches Managed...
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    FreeNAS roll back from Corral to 9.10?

    Are you going to be posting a guide on how to roll back from Corral to 9.10? Since its now a technology preview again, I don't want to rely on it for my production VM storage.
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    10Gbe for AIO Storage?

    I am going to be setting up an AIO solution and I want the link between the storage VM and ESXi to be 10Gbe, how do I configure ESXi to do that? I have looked online and so far I cannot find anything.
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    AIO ESXi/Storage

    I will be implementing an AIO ESXi/Storage box shortly at work. I am planning on using ZFS for my datastores (all flash), is OmniOS+napp-it or FreeNAS currently the better choice? I am leaning towards the FreeNAS solution just because I don't know how well OmniOS+napp-it will fit on 16GB SATA...
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    VMUG EvalAdvantage Question

    I know the license states it can't be used in a production environment. Would a lab full of test systems in a business setting be considered a valid use case for the license or do you think that would be considered a production system?
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    SansDigital NASes?

    I am the new IT guy where I work (just started Monday the 21st), and a lot of stuff is done in a way that makes me scratch my head. One of these is the fact that all ESXi hosts use local storage only. I am leery of building my own storage solution for a business so I'm looking at commercial...