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    Power supply replacement for Supermicro chassis 808t

    Hi everyone! I have a client that had two Supermicro Superserver 6016TT-IBXF (most probably) sitting in a rack unused, because they were supposedly no longer working. One of them has a dead power supply (PWS-1K21P-1R), its led does not turn on when power is supplied, no fans are spinning, etc...
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    SUCCESS : Flash a Lenovo RD210 motherboard with IBM firmwares???

    I recently purchased from ebay a new motherboard to replace the one in an IBM System X3650 M2 (type 7947). Before that, this server could not POST, the message "System Initialization" briefly appeared on screen before the server rebooted, and on the Light Path Diagnostic Panel there was nothing...
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    HP Smart Array P410 and SATA2

    Hi everyone! I bought a HP Proliant DL180 g6 a few months ago (after seeing an article here about some great deals! ^^). It came without drives (8 empty slots) and with a P410 controller, with 256mb of battery backed cache. It is running nicely (and loudly, it is a DL180 after all), except for...