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    The state of NVM (Optane): hype or not?

    Today I read an interview at AnandTech where AMD's Forrest Norrod plays down the importance of NVM. He even goes as far as saying that the way Intel brought it to market was a big strategy mistake. I always believed that NVM is not going to fly. The performance is just too far away from what...
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    Suggestion for content: 10+GbE wiring

    Patrick, I know this request may sound dumb to you, but many corporate networks are still on GbE days. So I suggest you write about what it is like moving a network from gigabit ethernet (twisted pairs) to 10+ GbE (optic cables) for those of us who have not made the switch yet. When I...
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    Where is Optane?

    Hello, Optane was launched several months ago, I can find the m2 16GB/32GB SKUs available but nowhere I see the P4800X for sale. Also, Micron has not released any product based on this technology yet. Does anyone know the reasons/rumors behind this?