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    1U chassis with front I/O

    I want to say IO shields generally don't work on 1u and are commonly built into the chassis. Depending on your budget you can find them for 700-800 on ebay (full unit). Sometimes cheaper for older generations of xeon-d lines. ex: SuperMicro X11SDV-4C-TP8F 1U Half Depth x1 D-2123IT 2.5" 512GB...
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    Juniper BGP stop default route from being advertised to Azure

    What do your protocols bgp statements look like (just to making sure you're applying the policy)? I would try a few things, but likely move the term removeDefault to the top is all you would need: insert policy-options policy-statement preprend1 term removeDefault before term prependterm1 I...
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    M.2 NVMe's on Proxmox: pool vs array vs insanity?!?

    What motherboard are you using and what slots are those nvme drives in?
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    Juniper MX204/480 vs QFX10002-36Q

    I would not recommend it, while on paper it appears the QFX10k can handle up to 2M routes - I don't believe that is enough for 3+ full table's of IPv4+6. The 10k is more of a layer3 switch designed for CLOS/SDN/xVLAN technologies vs full ISP router like the MX lines. Have not check other...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    BMC firmware 02.32.00 broke the web UI on IPMI for me, need to sit down and roll that back. I can say 4.20 worked without any issues and is running my 5900X now.
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    Samsung SM863 MZ-7KM1T90 2.5'' 1.92TB 6Gbps SATA SSD

    Oh boo no I was looking at the wrong thing :( your right ignore me
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    Samsung SM863 MZ-7KM1T90 2.5'' 1.92TB 6Gbps SATA SSD

    Looks like its down to $169
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    New built not posting

    Are you able to hop in the IPMI UI (should not need to boot in order to see it) and check if any errors are being thrown? You should be able to watch the boot process from there as well. Try to also update the BIOS/IPMI software from IPMI. If I recall, ASROCK allows Bios updates via IPMI even...
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    Who has recent QFX5300 firmware?

    QFX5300 does not appear to exist, at least to the public. If this is truly a 5300 (and not a 3500) you will likely need to go through Juniper themselves for any software.
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    SRX210H Juniper Care Core license

    Commit speed isn't a metric I would gauge on a network device, to be honest. You generally are not committing changes several times a day, so as long as throughput is there does commit speed really matter? Reminds me of Palo Alto low-end firewalls, commits can take 1-2min but that has no...
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    SRX210H Juniper Care Core license

    Unfortunately, I don't think you will be able to get support on that unit, its EOL. As for getting an updated version of its OS I will DM you shortly. Understand the newest versions is pretty outdated om that line (SRX200 series). I would recommend looking at an SRX300 if you want something with...
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    Switching hardware question

    Hrmm let me try to unpack this question. Scenario 1: Computer A to Computer B if doing basic Layer2 switching would have all its traffic processed by the switches ASIC, therefore you should get full bandwidth on the ports (10Gbps full duplex). The limiting factor here is going to be the...
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    ZFS 5TB SMR 2.5 drives + SSD Write Cache?

    Thank you both for such valued insight. I have always been confused on the ZLOG functionality and your explanations make so much more sense then the online tutorials about them I have read in the past. I think I will remove all forms of raid (standalone drive in ZFS) and simply rsync all data...
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    ZFS 5TB SMR 2.5 drives + SSD Write Cache?

    I have a 4x5TB 2.5 drives (2 Mirrors in a stripe for Raid 10), I purchased knowing the potential performance issues and plan to only really use them as cold storage. This ZFS pool is only for an off-site backup, primarily write and not reads. Since I had a few 100G SSD SAS drives (high write...
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    Looking for old JunOS releases MD5

    Downloads has links to some checksums available. Ex: Limited - 32 Bit-MX High-End Series16.1R629 Nov 2017 MD5 : 57a8deff7f1e04c5dde43995215cfd13 SHA1 : 5141f4d883824a560be81d23ddf9158ac9aae867 SHA256 : Not Available SHA512 : Not Available I'll DM you with links to the lastest 16.2 code
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    Epyc Rome vs Scalable

    It is a desktop line processor but does support ECC (if paired with the correct motherboard). It does not support RDIMM ECC like Xeon/EPYC lines though, only UDIMM (simular to Xeon E3 lines). It also maxes out of 4 ram slots (dual channel) for a total of 128GB supported. Since UDIMM ECC is...
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    Epyc Rome vs Scalable

    If it's going to be at home and not in a datacenter then a consumer AMD processor or even threadripper may be worlds cheaper then the datacenter ones. I don't know much about AVX512 or its use case, but the best bang for buck by miles is generally going to be an AMD based system if purchasing...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    How was your bios update? I am sitting on 3.25 and want to go to 3.33. Its in a datacenter (IPMI etc works) and a bit iffy on such a remote upgrade. How are your temperatures with that cooler?
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    Supermicro Xeon D / FCBGA 1667 Heatsink information

    It should fit, as its a 1U cooler. In your setup do you have the passive or active heatsink Remko? I had the same chassis and to get temperatures more stable I needed to create a baffle for those fans on a passive heatsink. If you have some stiff plastic you can likely create the same to test...
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    WD blue 1TB SSD $13.99 on Ebay - (Scam)

    Just got a message from Ebay (unsurprising based on all of your feedback) that the transactions were all canceled due to the account being compromised.