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    Problem with setup of HP Connectx-3 VPI Pro HP 544+ 764284-B21B Card CX354A

    I have tested in same PC, connecting to same Brocade 6610 switch port, with same cable and same transceivers another VPI /non-pro/ card CX354A and connection worked fine. But now with same setup and HP Connectx-3 VPI Pro HP 544+ 764284-B21B Card CX354A it is showing "Network Cable Unplugged" in...
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    10GB Optical Self Made Cable

    I'm thinking on best way to pass 15-20 meter optical cable at home and want it to be with smallest possible holes in plaster cornices. It looks that there are some solutions for self made optical cables. Like shown in this video: Unfortunately this company no longer sell this kit, but in ebay...
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    Choice of Managed L3 PoE 24Port+ Switch for home with 10GB

    Hello, I'm looking for main switch for home which to be core of my smart home network. Main requirements: - Layer 3 - 24/48 Ports, with at least 12PoE ports for security cameras - 2 or more 10GB ports for NAS/Workstations connectivity. Preferable 4x 10GB ports - End of support for switch...