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    10GBe direct connection issues

    I am trying to direct connect 10GBe cards and having a heck of a time. I'm connecting short runs via SFP, two ConnectX2 cards. They occasionally see each other. 1 GB network is 10GB network is with manual IPs set. In the 10GBe network all I have specified in...
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    Refurbished Quanta LB6M 10GB 24-Port SFP+ Switch Dual Power QY139A

    Refurbished Quanta LB6M 10GB 24-Port SFP+ Switch Dual Power QY139A Looks like a good deal but I'm very new to 10GB and all my servers are direct connected to one another.
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    Oracle F40 Flash accelerator

    I picked up two Oracle F40 Flash Accelerator cards for $75/each. I bought them with the intention of using them as tiered storage/journal drives on Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces but... is there a better use for them? They show up as Nyto Warp Drives and function well, I've been testing...
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    Mellanox ConnectX2 keeps disappearing (Windows 7)

    I purchased a few Mellanox ConnectX2 adapters and put them in my various machines. Initial install went very well, all cards detected, peer to peer network established and functioning, 10 gig, great! Then I rebooted my workstation, the card wasn't there anymore. I trek down to the equipment...
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    Supermicro 6026TT-BTR (X8DTT-F motherboards)

    I recently acquired a 6026TT with 4 nodes of dual L5630s and 16GB or RAM. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 but the install can't find the NICs on any of the nodes. Ostensibly the NIC is a dual port Intel 82576. The NICs are connected (both 1 and 2) to my Netgear GB switch. I have access to...
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    Infiniband vs 10G

    I am in the process of moving and racking my home lab. Right now I have a mix of equipment stacked on a workbench in my garage, a Dell c2100 with dual L5639's, HP DL120G7 with E3-1230, a full tower with SM X8DTI and dual L5639's and a recently added Dell R320 with E5-2407. Honestly, in their...
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    HBA for SE3016 enclosure

    I recently picked up a SE3016 JBOD enclosure to repurpose 15 old hard drives I had laying around. I moved them to my garage and attached them to an HP DL120G7 with a Smart Array P212. The P212 had 1 internal and one external connection. Right now I have the P212 managing the enclosure as 3...
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    Hacking C1100

    Thought about posting in the DIY Server builds but it just didn't feel right... Originally I bought a C1100 with dual L5639's and 72GB of RAM to colo and use it for some development testing, etc... After getting it 99% configured and ready to ship I found a good RTO and colo on a similar...