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    Ruckus R610 Great deal 3x3 radio 802.11ac Wave 2 $99 each .

    got the last one. thank you
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    WTB: E5-2697 v2 SR19H

    Looking to buy 4-6pcs E5-2697 v2 SR19H depending on the price. thanks
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    Sandisk PX600 Cisco PCIE SSD

    you can try this firmware cisco_iodrive_4.2.5-20160412.fff > Filebin :: bin o5b7g497tqqa5w2a
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    Which E5 Server/Motherboard support 24GB 3Rx4 PC3L-10600R

    i have some 24GB 3Rx4 PC3L-10600R stick from BL460C Gen8. I tried them on DL380P Gen8 but they are unsupported. Anyone know which server or motherboard that support this type of memory?
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    Fusion SX300 and ioDrive2 driver conflict

    Hi Dave, That have been the case. I tried to force the installation and it work. though when i run fio-status -a. it can only see the ioDrive2. Both SX300 and iodrive are accessible on my esx server
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    Fusion SX300 and ioDrive2 driver conflict

    Hi, i have SX300-3200 on my esx 6.5 server and its working fine. I have added ioDrive2 1.2Tb and trying to install the driver for it. error below: File path of '/opt/fio/bin/fio-beacon' is claimed by multiple non-overlay VIBs...
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    HP 10GB 530FLR-SFP+ DAC compatability

    Hi, Does anyone knows which Direct Attached Cable works for this adapter aside from the hp brands cable? thank you
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    WTB: Brocade ICX 6610-48

    Looking for 1 unit with ears. shipping to 94545. thank you
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    Fusion-io ioDrive II - 1.2TB+ drives , 0.09 or 0.08/GB

    i have one installed on a rackmount server without air conditioned for almost 2yrs now. Temp ave around 64degree Celsius.
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    Fusion-io ioDrive II - 1.2TB+ drives , 0.09 or 0.08/GB

    seller accepted 3 for 115$ each.
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    $380 Micron 3.2TB S630DC SAS SSD & other capacities available

    I just received mine, 3.2TB. its running with M017 firmware
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    Jetway NF9M Celeron N2930 system board for $29

    Thanks just bought 2 units.
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    WTB: 2x E5 2680 / 2690 v2 128gb ddr3 4x 480gb ssd server for collocation

    Hi Just trying my luck here. I'm from the Asia and wanting to buy 2 identical server for collocation in LA. Dual E5-2680/2690 V2 128GB DDR3 1866 4 x 480GB SSD Dual PSU I need the server with ESX 6.0 installed on both server in SD card/USB if possible The server would be ship directly to...
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    Ive got my E5-2683 V3 too. It booted in my Intel S2600WT board. Will do some benchmark tonight.
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    hi All, I just ordered intel S2600WTT and looking for the best ES V3/V4 cpu for 300-400$ ea that i can buy. any help pls? thanks
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    Quanta LB8 48x10G - $375

    Mine just arrived today and same as with others here. Power LED on and no activity in Status LED.
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    M500DC Tests/Discussion

    My 18 drives are still with my forwarder company. It would be another month before i can receive them. Hopefully they are all good..
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    Micron M500DC

    i just bought 18 drives m500dc today too for my 3node vsan..