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    ZFS mass storage server (no virtualization) recommendations

    If you want to build something yourself; Ri-Vier RVS206A ; 150 euro Seasonic OEM 400W SS-400L2U 80+ Gold - Modular ; 119 euro AsRock C2750D4I ; 343 euro Kingston KVR16N11K2/16 ; 169 euro And you got yourself a 8-core 2U kick-asss server right there that sips power. Replace the fans to make it...
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    Review of White Label 4TB drives

    So what's up with these white label drives? Why/how?
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    new home server questions

    This was with the pre-production sample. Freenas has been running fine on the asrock c2750 board, confirmed by several users on the FN forums.
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    FreeNAS based on Asrock C2750D4I

    80MB/s with 32GB ram? hmm, I would expect a bit higher transfer speeds
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    [Finished] My Parents' HTPC Build

    Tbh, haven't tested this yet with blurays. (except for ripping) XBMC can play unsecured blurays, and secured blurays can be played while running something like anyDVDHD in the background apparently. It decrypts the streams. Not sure if there is a linux alternative
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    [Finished] My Parents' HTPC Build

    At the moment running xbmcbuntu (ubuntu with xbmc installed), and very fond of it. I used Windows 7 and XBMC before, but it wasn't just 'the thing'. Also tried 8.1 but had issues with a memory leak in higher resolutions and fullscreen mode. Linux is just awesome, updating everything with just...
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    [Finished] My Parents' HTPC Build

    They're DVB-S2 tuners, so they can be used to watch satellite tv. (ASTRA/Hotbird) Encrypted channels can be watched using your smartcard.
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    My HTPC build experiences :cool:
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    [Finished] My Parents' HTPC Build

    My Parents' MP Build A XBMC story. What's the problem? My parents want a 'one fits all' approach: they want to watch movies & series, watch tv, view images, record all they want and have a nice, little quiet 'black box'. And everything must be commandable by one device; remote, tablet...
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    My HTPC build experiences

    FYI, I built a htpc for my parents; quiet/passive, xbmc, 1080p bluray playback and 4 DVB-S2 tuners (tbs 6985) on xbmcbuntu. CPU is an i3 at 3.4Ghz, could have gone with less but wanted to make sure everything stayed smooth when extracting with Sabznd. Mobo was that popular Pro3. Havent really...
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    Best short-depth 4u options has a good 12 bay one. (2U)