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    Teradici in 2022

    I know HP bought Teradici and made PCoIP more of a software thing rather than requiring a hardware card. Is it still worth using for remote desktops these days? I don't think the old hardware cards can do 4k60
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    Amazon 55in LG OLED TV $1397

    Seems like this has good reviews, does anyone have one? FreeSync and 120Hz and OLED! LLG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-in CX 55" 4K Smart OLED TV
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    Prime Day Rack Shelf $20

    Yea this isn't the biggest discount, but these are handy and new for $20 isn't bad
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    NextCloud Users Need Quick Help

    I've tried googling this already but I must be searching for the wrong things. I'm trying to get functionality like Google Drive and others where I make a direct link that people can use to access a file I uploaded. There's a direct link, but it says it is only for authorized users. I want to...
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    HPE Support Question How Do I Register?

    I bought a HPE server from an authorized reseller (provantage) The server works great, and it comes with a 3 yr warranty. How do I register the server with HPE and get firmware updates? I tried using their support site and I can't find how to do this. I've spent 2 hours on what I've thought is...
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    FreeNAS performance to Proxmox ZFS

    I'm looking at 11.2-stable. I love the new UI but it's feeling really tired. I'm considering installing Proxmox and using it as a ZFS file server. I've got a Xeon D-1541 and this is an 8x 3.5 8TB server. CPU and memory I've got lots of. My other nodes are Proxmox so I'm looking at FreeNAS and...
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    Why are AMD RX 580 and RX 590 everywhere now online?

    I mean, all of the sites are gushing over them. They look like a competitor to the mid to lower end of Pascal and we're now on 2070's with AMD. Why are all the big tech sites pushing what's an old technology?
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    Dell Networking OS10 Help!!! Simple L2 help needed

    We just got a new Dell OS10 switch. OS10 is different enough from Cisco and Arista that I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Here's my ask: Commands to type in the terminal once "enable" is used to get in to privileged mode to put an OS10 switch into a flat L2 no VLAN switch. I just want to...
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    100GbE Mellanox with Cumulus

    If you wanna get your 100GbE on there are 2 Mellanox switches on ebay right now $6k eachand they come with cumulus. Seller says that they are never deployed so they're NIB maybe NEW Mellanox MSN2100-CB2FC Spectrum 100GbE 1U switch w/Cumulus Linux MSN2100-CB2 7290107195799 | eBay
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    Upgrade from Proxmox 4.4 to 5.0

    Anyone done 4.4 with ceph to 5.0? I'm scared that it'll bork the cluster or ceph. What happens when next node upgrades and others are on the old version? Has anyone successfully done it?
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    Could this be a cheaper serial console server?

    I saw the earlier discussion on the SM Quark boxes. One just popped up on my Amazon: Supermicro Server Barebone System SYS-E100-8Q: Computers & Accessories Only 2.2w but dual serial ports, dual LAN and dual USB ports. I wonder if you could turn these into a serial console server...
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    Colo - IP address range question - how to route?

    I got a /28 from my colo provider. Previously I got a /31 where there are 2 IP addresses then I just pointed my address to the upstream gateway and I was done. Ez in pfSense and Fortinet. This time I got an address range, subnet, and a gateway IP. Do I then need to assign my router/ firewall an...
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    Scary 2TB SSD - Really

    I saw this one today on ebay. It totally blew my freaking mind. Tiger 2TB TS TG2T25S SATA lll 2 5" Solid State Drive 2 TB Internal SSD | eBay I would be afraid of the SSD eating me. :)
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    VLAN - how interoperable are they between vendors?

    We use a lot of HP switches at work, but I was thinking of getting an IBM Bade switch for our higher performance needs. Here's my question: if I tag a device/ port to VLAN 2 on a HP switch can I do the same on the IBM switch and have that work across both? I know that's noob but though people...
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    8x 32GB DDR3 LRDIMMs - $900

    I was looking for ddr4 and saw this one with no bids: Lot of 8 Axiom 32GB PC3L 10600L ECC Lrdimm 647903 B21 AX 845282077162 | eBay hoping someone here gets.
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    How much formatted capacity in a 1.6TB SSD?

    I just wanted to see if anyone knows how much usable/ formatted capacity there is on a 1.6TB SSD.
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    Game servers- Mincraft Battlefield and Others

    Here's the background: my niece and nephew are big on games and they want to have their own server. Their mother wants something that can be at home and played only by kids they have over or something that can be played by neighborhood kids. My initial idea is that I could have a VM that would...
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    IOmeter - how to interpret queue depths

    I have done an IOmeter configuration. I saw 4 workers was popular so I have that. I also have # of IO's on the config tab set to 2-64 exponential scaling. When results come out, I see the QD64 results in the column but are those 64 really or are they QD64 x 4 workers = QD256 Thanks in advance...
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    Lenovo P300

    Does anyone know if these have a BMC onboard? New Lenovo P300 Intel Xeon E3 1271V3 8GB 1TB 8GB SSHD Desktop Workstation 7 Pro | eBay is a good price for much higher specs than the TS140's come with. It'd be great if there was an IPMI option
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    Fusion-io 320GB under $200 again

    These got posted: Fusion FIO Iodrive 320GB Memory PCIe Half Height Model EA001192 EA001194 | eBay low profile but $199 OBO + 12.95 shipping. Nice front page post by @markpower28 on these today.