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    EU [WTB] Epyc 7001/7002 motherboard

    Hello, Looking to buy a motherboard that support Epyc 7001 and 7002. If the price is good, I'll consider one that is 7001 only :) Located in France. Thanks,
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    EU [WTB] LGA 3647 motherboard

    Hello, I bought a brand new ASRock LGA 3647 motherboard, but it was DOA. I can't/don't want to wait for the RMA to complete, so I was wondering if someone here had a motherboard available "for cheap". I just need a motherboard for a single 6148 QS. The board is fine :) Thanks!
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    [WTB] Server or server parts: 20c/40t or more CPU, 128GB ram, mobo...

    Hello, I am looking to build a new virtualization box. All my VMs would be 8t/16gb of ram, ideally I would want a CPU with 64t and 128gb of RAM, to be able to run 8 of those without over-provisoning :) But my budget might not be enough so I might settle for less. I don't really need high...
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    Samsung SSD DC Toolkit not working with NVME drives

    Hi, I am trying to use the DC Toolkit to see if I can upgrade the firmware of my Samsung SSD, but I cannot get it working, on Windows 10 or Debian: # ./Samsung_SSD_DC_Toolkit_for_Linux_V2.1 -L ================================================================================================...
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    WTB: 3x 10/40Gbe networking cards + cables

    Hello, Before trying to buy on ebay, I am trying my luck here... I am looking to buy three 2x10Gbe (or 2x40Gbe) networking cards with 3 compatibles DAC. Ideally I would like 2 standard-profiles and one low-profile, compatible with Windows Server 2019 and recent Linux. For my usage 10Gbe is...
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    P4510 1TB: Good or bad?

    Hi, I only find reviews of the 2TB and 8TB models. the 1TB model seems competitively priced against the older P3600 1.2TB. I could live with "only" 1.92PBW for the endurance.
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    New Optane 900p 280GB

    Hi, I just bought a 280GB 900p a bit... impulsively, and I think I would prefer a slightly slower drive with a bigger capacity. So I am looking to trade my 900p vs something like a P3600 or P3700, if possible AIC. I can sell it for $200 shipped in continental US
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    What's your take on Seagate Enterprise "Hybrid" drives?

    Seagate ahs some SAS 12Gbps 2.5" spiners (10k and 15k) that have a 32GB sMLC cache. We don't find them a lot used on ebay (yet), and their price are not competitive vs a used enterprise SSD (..yet) But I am intrigued. Does some of you have experience with these drives?
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    Rebuilding my Hyper-V lab... Which SSD to choose?

    Hello, I have a spare R720 with a H710p & 64GB of RAM, that I want to use with Hyper-V. It will be mostly Windows Server VMs, about ~8 VMs. Since it will be a small lab, I don't think I will hammer IOPS so much. I'll need at least 400GB I assume (800 would be best, but I want to keep cost...