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    Dude where's the Dell Story?

    Where did the post go? I was ready to goto page 2 and it was deleted.
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    [WTB]3.84TB SSD x 2

    Looking for a pair of 3.84TB's around $400 each or less. Prefer Micron as that's what I have already but I'm pretty flexible about what I will use as these are going into my Plex server for caching. Used is fine with me, need to see a drive report if used. These are NOT for Chia or any other...
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    Mikrotik RouterOS: How to Port Forward?

    because I'm a glutton for punishment i put in a nice lil Mikrotik RouterOS switch. Works wonderfully but now I need to forward ports and make sure they are open on the outside. For the life of me I have searched, tried, googled, and done everything short of pleading with this device to figure...
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    [WTB] 6-10TB Dell Brand 3.5" Disk Lot

    After picking up an MD3200 (thank you STH folks) I soon realized Dell has locked these chassis to Dell branded/firmware disks. I have 3 MD1200's that don't have this...problem so I'm moving other disks to these shelves. I'm looking for high TB 3.5" or decent sized SSD's that have dell firmware...
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    WTB Dell MD3220/3200 iscsi

    Long shot I know but I'm looking for a dell MD3200 series Disk shelf that has the iscsi management controllers. 24 bay 2.5" would be prefered but I'll take the 12 bay 3.5". not looking to break the bank here, prefer US shipping in lower 48.
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    Physical Server Clustering: What Software to Use

    I have a blade chassis with 10 blades in them. We want to virtually link all the systems together over networking to create one giant "Server". As my experience has been in clustering groups of servers to virtualize and migrate, this question has got me puzzled on what software to use for the...
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    Need some of the following for a server build I'm putting together: Supports up to 128GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM Supports up to 64GB DDR4 ECC/non-ECC UDIMM Looking for some inexpensive DDR4 Memory that's ECC.
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    Squid Proxy and Linksys Router: How to do it?

    Based on my earlier thread i found that in order for me to get more reporting I need to setup a squid transparent proxy server of some sort. Now how to do that within the confines of my network structure which is basically: (Linksys ACM3200) Router->LAN Switch->PC's What i will have to do is...
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    OpenDNS Visual Logging: How can it be done?

    I've got OpenDNS running and have all the fun lil stats turned on but what I don't have is an easy (read graphical) way of viewing my data. I looked at an ELK stack (Elastic Search Logstache and Kibana) but haven't found a good docker image that has everything built into it and I'm trying to...
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    WTB PCI-Express 10gbT cards

    Good2Go now.
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    Help Silence SuperMicro Server Fan Array

    Just bought this hurricane server chassis: SC826E16-R1200LPB | 2U | Chassis | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. Motherboard: Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon® Boards | X9DRi-F First thing I did was buy SuperQuiet Power Supplies. No problem there as those are prevalent to find...
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    WTB 1U SM Super Quiet Power Supplies

    Looking for either the 920's,1.2k,1.4k SUPER QUIET power supplies for a 2U supermicro server. I'll need a pair of them. Maybe more if they come in quantity and a good price looking for shipping or pickup to the zip 34243
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    WTB CSE-826BE16-R920LPB

    Bought one from MrRackables on Ebay
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    WTB: 1TB Seagate SAS 6GB 2.5" x40

    need a bunch of 2.5" dell hard drives part number 09W5WV. Need to be new or refurbished. Please be MUCH less than i can get on Amazon or Ebay...
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    WTB LTO-4 Tapes in Bulk

    I've come into possession* of a Dell TL4000 and I need a bunch of tapes to test out on the unit. I"m hoping there is someone that has a stack of LTO-4 tapes in good condition that I can purchase from them. *I hate Ebay EDIT: I'm good folks, got 50+ tapes. thanks for the goodies.
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    Can PCI Express 2.0 handle 12GB SAS?

    I have a sever with PCI Express 2.0 x8. The backplane in my SAS expanders support 12GBps SAS. Is it possible to get a M1215 (or comparable) SAS card and get 12GBps speeds with PCI express 2.0?
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    [US-SE]WTB Dell R610 6-Core

    Looking for 2-3 Dell Dual 6 core R610 Server. RAM? As much as you can spare but 12GB at the minimum. RailKits? I hope you have them. Disks? Only if they are free, got tons of them. 2.5" drives preferred Not looking to spend a ton on these servers as they are on ebay for varying prices, so...
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    WTB 2/4 TB 2.5" Hard drives

    Bought a 4 bay 2.5" drive bay and would love to populate it with 2TB or 4TB 2.5" drives. The unit supports 15mm size hard drives. I believe I can do SAS or SATA with the unit but let's go with SATA for now. Anyone have a bunch of these drives lying around unused?
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    Let's Talk Backup Tape Drives: LTO-4

    I've been looking at some LTO-4 tape drive units but were a bit unsure how to best connect them. With 800/1.6TB tapes less than $10/tape it'd be a great way to backup certain files. The externals use a SAS connector (which I'd need a card to do), while the internal drives use ? Was...
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    WTB Genuine M1015/SAS 9420i RAID Card

    Looking to buy 2 M1015 non chinese knock off cards or their equivalent SAS 9420i.